Taurus New Moon:
Profound Beauty 

by Juliana McCarthy

Hilma af Klint

Hilma af Klint

May 4, 2019 — The Taurus New Moon arrives on Saturday at 3:45pm Pacific Time, reminding us to be at peace with ourselves in the midst of rapid change. It’s time to slow down and integrate any pain that’s surfaced over the past few weeks. We’re now going deeper into ourselves and our experience, opening to the full spectrum of what we feel. At the same time, we’re remembering to ground and connect with the Earth, who’s supporting us with her profound beauty. Whichever hemisphere we’re in, the Earth is bursting with color—blooming flowers in the north, changing leaves in the south.

Dancing, playing music, making a garden, or cooking food with loved ones are all good ways to connect with this New Moon. We can take in Earth’s abundant beauty, feeling our senses, and opening to simple joys. It’s time to quiet our minds, tune into nature and profundity, and remember that all we need is right here—on this Earth and inside of us. The supposed-to’s and outside pressures can lift as we reprioritize, placing greater emphasis on whatever brings us contentment and peace.

What wisdom does our inner sensuality want to share with us now? What beauty is ready to flow through us, into our art, relationships, and lives?

The Moon is now forming harmonious aspects to the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction, which elicited old patterns and traumas last month. Now, we can relax and go deeper into our healing, growth, and evolution. We can call on our patience and compassion, allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, without altering it.

After all, Mars, planet of passion and direction, is opposing Jupiter and squaring elusive, sensitive Neptune. The best use of this transit is to allow our traumas, anger, heartbreak, sadness, and fear to breathe and flow through us, without judgement or repression. Deeper wisdom is holding us, as Neptune embraces us with unconditional love.

While the masculine may feel extra vulnerable or shaky, Taurus is providing us with ground, encouraging us to connect with gentleness, art, and Mother Earth. Slowly, we’re learning to balance our masculine and feminine—softening as we move into the true strength of open heart, tolerance, acceptance, and love.

On this Taurus New Moon, may we open our hearts to pleasure and relish our senses. May we find new ways of creating beauty as we dive into our depths, feel what we feel, and express it all with love, acceptance, and inspiration.

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