astrology Workshop:
Discovering Your Purpose + True Life Path

Topanga, California, May 4-5

with Juliana McCarthy + Severin Geser

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Join astrologers Juliana McCarthy and Severin Geser in Topanga, California, for this weekend astrology workshop. We’ll delve into our personal charts to determine our purpose and true life path. Our first Saturn Return begins around twenty-nine years old, activating our North Node, or true life purpose. Looking at these elements together, we can understand where our purpose lies in this lifetime. What are we meant to do with our lives in order to feel fulfilled? What kind of career, love, or pursuits will lead us to our soul’s greatest evolution?

Whether you’re approaching your Saturn Return, in it, or long past it, we will look to this moment for clues about who we are in this lifetime and which paths would best serve us.


Saturday, May 4
9am-5pm (two-hour break for lunch*)
Sunday, May 5
9am-4pm (two-hour break for lunch*)
*Organic lunch included both days (dietary restrictions considered)

Severin will lead us through light yoga and meditation to begin our morning and afternoon sessions

Send us a message if you have any questions, or if you need help with housing. Looking forward!