Winter Solstice 2017:
darkness into light

by Juliana McCarthy


December 21, 2017 — Happy Winter Solstice! On the darkest day of the year, before turning to the light, we have the chance to go inward and face ourselves fully. Today marks a turning point—a moment to dive into our innermost beings and acknowledge our regrets, resentments, and fears. With uncompromising honesty, we can release them to the light of awareness. It’s time to accept that we are all imperfect, messy, and vulnerable. We can embrace ourselves, and finally step up to our responsibility as humans—offering our gifts to the world with open hearts and pure intentions.

Saturn is a major player on this Winter Solstice, joining the Sun at 0° Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, and together these energies strengthen each other. For the next three years, they will elicit our integrity and cooperation—as well as heaviness, duty, and obligation. As the gatekeeper, Saturn is making sure that we slow down and take responsibility for who we are. Facing our shame and murkiness, we can move forward with more courage—more awake, joyful, and at peace, both with ourselves and each other.

Weighed down by Saturn’s gravity, we could feel sluggish or held back right now. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we may even have to face significant losses that force us to surrender. However, Jupiter is trining Neptune, pulling us back to expose the bigger picture. Neptune is helping us find stillness in the center of our beings, no matter our external circumstances. In our core, we can connect with oneness, magic, and vastness, then work together to build a society that acknowledges this interconnection—bringing it to physical reality, one step at a time.

No matter the swirling winds or bitter cold, may we recognize our stillness and warmth, radiating from within. May the swarming crows stop our minds, bringing us to the magic of the present moment, where we have all that we need.

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