virgo new MOON:
forgiving ourselves, healing our relationships

by Juliana McCarthy

Peter Doig

Peter Doig

September 20, 2017 — Today's New Moon in Virgo stretches our limits. How far can we expand? How much pain we can endure for the sake of healing? Virgo represents crisis—around health, relationships, healing, and work. With the Moon in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces, we are seeing if our tolerance can grow further. How can we develop more appreciation and acceptance—for ourselves, others, and challenging circumstances?

Mercury and Mars are dancing together, igniting our frustration, while Uranus and Jupiter move into their third exact (and explosive) opposition. These transits are testing us. Life is heating up, with short tempers and explosions being commonplace of late.

Luckily, the Sun is moving into Libra on Friday, and this Moon marks a fresh start around relationships and harmony. We are establishing new dynamics and boundaries with each other while purifying old family wounds. Virgo is beckoning us to do our inner work, and face ourselves more fully, while Chiron in Pisces clears away the cobwebs of our subconscious.

Above all, the Virgin shows us that we must take care ourselves, nourishing our bodies and minds so our souls can expand further. Even in stormy weather, even with our triggers ignited and the world in a state of calamity, we can locate our sanity, strength, and tenderness. We can remember to practice everyday acts of self-care—eating well, doing yoga, and engaging in inner work.

As our personal challenges and the problems of the world bubble over, we can avoid buckling with fear or resorting to Piscean escapism. We can touch our hearts and remember the present moment, connecting to the space beyond dread, anger, and agitation. We could practice forgiveness, beginning with ourselves.

Rooting to the Virgoan earth, may feel the weight of gravity while opening to vastness. Here lies our sanity—joining heaven and earth. Wherever we are, it is right there, in the center of our open hearts.

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