Virgo Full Moon:
Healing, Clearing, + connecting

by Juliana McCarthy

Hilma af Klint

Hilma af Klint

February 19, 2019 — The Virgo Full Moon Supermoon arrives on Tuesday at 7:53am Pacific Time. This occurs just after Chiron enters Aries for the first time in fifty-one years, beginning a whole new cycle of healing. This Moon presents a potent opportunity for deep healing, clearing, and realigning. We’re at the crux of a major shift in humanity, and we’re now experiencing significant changes, both within ourselves and the collective. It’s more important than ever to strengthen our anchors and roots, remember who we are, and come home to ourselves.

As we wrap up a seven-year period of Chiron in Pisces, we may be experiencing a healing crisis. Themes have been arising around spiritual confusion, woundedness, loss, and grief. Now, the message of the Full Moon is clear: embrace uncertainty, trust our instincts, and become more authentic, courageous, and vulnerable in our expression.

With the Full Moon in Virgo as Venus meets Saturn, we’re also becoming more practical and discerning around what we believe in, value, and commit to. We’re learning to balance our highest ideals with practical reality—and to set strong boundaries without judgment or self-righteousness. If we’ve been experiencing confusion around what to do next, we can return to the question: Does this help me and others? Does it work on a practical level in furthering our healing? Virgo, after all, is the service-oriented helper and healer. She finds logical clarity in the murkiness of our confusion, always returning to her purest intention: Will this be of benefit?

With the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, we might enter into stillness and meditation now. We can feel into what is true for us, mustering the courage to face our doubt, discomfort, and pain. If old situations or karma have returned, we can embrace this opportunity for extensive clearing and realignment. We can own what is ours, letting go of what’s not.

On a bigger scale, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node are moving closer together. We’re in a year of great shifting and upheaval, karmic explosions, purging, and purification. We’re finally releasing the past, external authority, and patriarchal control. The more we can cut cords of codependence, the easier this time will be. We can relax, open to change, and let go of stubborn clinging to behaviors, patterns, systems, and leaders that have become oppressive or harmful. After all, the new age is Aquarian. It’s about individual liberation, egalitarianism, and making sure that everyone is cared for.

In the midst of major upheaval and uncertainty, may we embrace change, messiness, and paradox, allowing everything to melt in the rays of our limitless hearts. May we find the courage to become our truest selves—healing our wounds, embracing our truth, and dislodging from the dark and murky past.

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