Virgo Full Moon:
Gentle Cleanse Before Spring

by Juliana McCarthy

George Shiras, white fawn, ca. 1902

George Shiras, white fawn, ca. 1902

March 1, 2018 — A Virgo Full Moon arrives on Thursday, falling along the most magical, sensitive, and healing axis of the zodiac—Virgo and Pisces. The opposing Pisces Sun joins Neptune, emphasizing dreaminess, as five planets swim through the sign of the mystical Fish. The Virgo Moon reminds us that it's time to search for land in the midst of foggy seas—to come home to our bodies and the Earth.

Pisces sensitizes us and distorts reality, blurring lines like an impressionist painting. Now, with vulnerable hearts, Virgo is helping us anchor into the stability of our routines, so we can take care of ourselves properly. We are cleaning up our relationships, lives, and ideologies, focusing on what we can control—rather than floundering in the problems of the world.

We might make our beds, practice yoga, adjust our diets, behaviors, and daily routines in subtle ways—all simple acts that hold potential for deep transformation. Balancing Virgo’s precision with Pisces’ acceptance, we’re becoming both more discerning as well as less critical, judgmental, and controlling. We’re finding ways to organize, reel in, and fine-tune all aspects of our lives—with logic, simplicity, and supreme gentleness.

Mars in Sagittarius forms a square with today’s Sun and Moon, while Mercury and Venus shift into Aries this weekend. These transits are pushing us further out of lethargy and confusion, helping us discover newfound passion and clarity. If we’ve been fighting, we now have the opportunity to find solutions and inspired paths forward. Neptune encourages us to forgive each other and to redirect our energies. He implores us to draw on big mind and heart and to trust our intuition.

Now, first and foremost, we can allow ourselves to feel our pain, love, and appreciation for all beings. We can face our truths—our traumas, injustices, and heartbreak—and stand up for what we know to be right. We can heal, create boundaries, and set into motion practical changes that begin with ourselves.

Touching Earth, may we feel our tender hearts. May we take better care of ourselves, allowing our self-love and purity to ripple outward—until we're all connected through sparkling pools of innate goodness, sanity, and simplicity.

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