A Sudden Shift

by Juliana McCarthy

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto

May 15, 2018 — Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15, briefly retrogrades, then returns on March 6, 2019, beginning a seven-year revolution around money, agriculture, our values, and the environment. The Earth is rumbling and awakening, revolting against the carelessness of mankind. In our personal lives, it's time to break free from wherever we've been stuck. Taurus can be stubborn and resistant toward change. Wherever Taurus falls in our charts could represent a place where we've felt frustration. Now, we can dislodge from stagnancy, rebelling against our self-made limitations. We may be ending relationships or beginning new ones, quitting our jobs, moving, starting our own businesses, or finding greater platforms for our creative expression. It's risk-taking time, and we're learning to own our authenticity—reinventing ourselves, while stretching beyond safety, complacency, and other people's expectations.

On a broader level, the Divine Feminine is becoming more empowered, while art and music elevate to higher dimensions. With the support of Chiron's new journey through Aries, we're remembering to call upon ancient wisdom, healing ourselves through a deeper connection with Earth, Spirit, and our inner voices.

As Uranus leaves Aries, we're also ending a period of fire and volatility—which could go out with a bang. Since Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, we're likely to experience violence erupting as Uranus weaves in and out of the last degrees of Aries. Volcanoes, bombs, revolts, and earthquakes often appear as Uranus changes signs. The last shift brought a tsunami and the Fukishima nuclear disaster, which arrived on the day of Uranus' last ingress.

In the longer term, our values are changing and becoming more progressive and egalitarian. We’re rediscovering community while addressing widespread issues around loneliness and self-worth. Unexpected changes, like market volatility or environmental disasters, could alter the world in significant ways—bringing calamity that pushes us to solve major problems, with radical inventions and innovations.

How we make money and where we invest could also stands to change. Those working for themselves and the greater good—outside of corrupt systems—will likely be rewarded over the next seven years. Some Uranus-Taurus questions have already begun to arise:

  • What would our country look like if the government invested in education, healthcare, and environmentalism, rather than big corporations?

  • How would the world change if we established universal income, or eradicated student debts?

  • How would it feel if we defined wealth not by money, but by spiritual understanding, love, and genuine connection?

While these types of shifts may now seem impossible, Uranus brings the unexpected. He triggers shocking events that facilitate unforeseeable changes. After all, he's the rebel—future-oriented, creative, and contrarian. As we make our way toward the new paradigm and the Aquarian Age, Uranus is encouraging us to think for ourselves so we can achieve the pinnacle of human potential—caring deeply for each other, while aligning directly with Spirit and the natural world.

Individually, anyone caught in stubbornness or fear could now experience lightning bolts of awakening. If we've been frustrated with our love lives or general trajectory, we could harness these energies and catapult to the next phase. However this shift unfolds, we each have free will and the responsibility to to make sure our values are rooted in compassion, with an eye toward the collective whole and the far-reaching future. If we do so, Uranus will be our friend—working with us, rather than zapping us out of misconceptions and resistance toward change and progressiveness.

The world as we know it is rapidly shifting. Our lives, energies, and values are moving into completely new dimensions. It’s time to connect with the Earth, remembering to ground into our bodies, finding our center in the storms of uncertainty. Here lies our genius, stillness, and truest hearts. No matter what, our essence remains steady and indestructible—returning us home, wherever we are.

In fields of lightning, may we root to the Earth and open our minds. May we find the courage to face a radical new future—awakened, inspired, and free.

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