new moon / Total Solar Eclipse in Leo:
the great american eclipse

by Juliana McCarthy

Raymond Pettibon

Raymond Pettibon

August 21, 2017 — The Total Solar Eclipse arrives on Monday, at 11:47am Mountain Time. This Eclipse Season has been just as shocking and fiery as astrologers anticipated. Tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Leo marks a crescendo of already epic, intensifying energies. Leo is all about heart, and we might take a moment to feel our hearts expanding. We've been doing some deep work for the past couple of weeks, both personally and collectively. Now we can clarify our intentions for the long-term future, reflecting on them with confidence and openness as the Moon passes in front of the Sun. 

Solar Eclipses are, in essence, amplified New Moons. They have the potential to interrupt our patterns and set us on a whole new course. Accelerating our growth and evolution, they push us outside our comfort zones. Resistance will only lead to more struggle. If we can surrender and relax, we will make ourselves available for breakthroughs.

the united states

Wherever we live, the energies of this Solar Eclipse will impact us. However, this eclipse will particularly influence the trajectory of the United States, with many parts of the country going into complete darkness. A Solar Eclipse has not passed over the U.S. on a "path of totality" since 1918. Unsurprisingly, we are already witnessing a great ripening of karma in our country, as well as purification of our values and power.

Traditionally a Solar Eclipse represents the falling of a king if there’s an imbalance of power, and this one falls directly on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. The Ascendant is the most crucial point in a person’s chart, and Mars represents our direction. Since Donald Trump was born within a few hours of an eclipse, he is more susceptible to their effects. With serious moves toward impeachment after his outrageous response to the Charlottesville attack, and with many leaving their positions at the White House and abandoning their support of Trump, his fall seems to be underway.

Monday's Solar Eclipse will also oppose the Aquarius Moon in the United States’ chart. The Moon is our heart and emotional body, while Aquarius is the sign of egalitarianism. This means that our heartfelt concern for fellow beings lines up with the deepest drives of the United States. The Moon will take center stage as it blocks the Sun on Monday, bringing this sense of compassion and inclusion to the foreground.

The Leo Sun represents power and regality. When out of balance, it can mean abuses of power. We stand to see these imbalances rectified as we collectively restore the Aquarian ideals of justice and equality. With the atrocious, vicious, and wildly unacceptable viewpoints of the KKK and the alt-right have becoming more public and pronounced—and with a seeming nod from our president—we are rising together more forcefully, standing against such ideologies and behaviors. With Jupiter ending its square with Pluto next month, our convictions are strengthening even more as we recognize the danger of our silence and complacency.


On a personal level, we may feel issues around arrogance and insecurity surfacing as we continue our work toward becoming more authentic. We are speaking our truth, making proclamations of love, and bringing our talents to the world for the benefit of all. Since the spring, we've been contemplating what we most long for and what we would like to manifest in our lives. As our paths unfold, we might ask: 

Where are our egos inflamed? Where are we crippled by self-doubt? How can we become more confident and more genuine?

With a supportive trine from Uranus, this Solar Eclipse is helping us to shed all types of oppression, even within ourselves. This way, we can follow our pleasure, feel our pain, and express our gifts with strength and open hearts.


With six planets in retrograde during a time of great karmic ripening, this eclipse is pushing us to recognize our previous mistakes. As a culture, we can own the horrors of our past and help to heal endemic racism—honestly confronting our country's history of slavery, violence, and bigotry. While uncomfortable or shameful, this is the warrior's way—and the only way we can pave the road to a saner future.

Individually, we can ask ourselves where we hold prejudices, where we exhibit aggression and micro-aggressions (even if they're inadvertent), and where we see others through our fear and projection. We are all basically good. From that premise—from a deep place of loving and trusting ourselves—we can own our mistakes and adjust our path forward.

the aftereffects

Each minute of a Solar Eclipse represents a year of aftereffects. Lasting three minutes, the effects of Monday's Solar Eclipse will remain for three years. This leads us to the new paradigm and the next election cycle, which will take place in 2020—when Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. In many ways, we are ending an era and planting the seeds for the next one. Birth can be painful, but the feminine powers are rising, and we know exactly how ride these waves of uncertainty in order to bring new life. We are laying the foundation for creating enlightened society, finding creative and joyful ways of contributing for the good of all.


With purified hearts, may we love each other relentlessly, beginning with ourselves. May we invoke the brilliance of the Leo Sun, always standing up for goodness, inclusion, and truth.

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