"I had an epic Astrology reading with Juliana. I was pretty floored by the experience and have paused every time I've thought of it. The best way to articulate how that reading changed me: I am incredibly confident in listening to the vibrations of my body and spirit now. I think we are always honing this skill of listening and respecting ourselves, and Juliana's reading gave me a supercharged boost. She was like an Adderall pill as I studied myself—making my studies more potent and efficient! If that makes sense. I recommend Juliana to everyone which I think is the best thanks I can give."

Natalie, Brooklyn, NY

”Juliana went into deeper aspects of my chart, and there were moments in the reading that I felt like my soul was speaking to me through her. It was good. Really good. She is an absolute master of her craft and I highly recommend checking out her work if you’re curious about astrology.”

Sienna, Salt Lake City, UT


"What a wonderful experience working with Juliana. I highly recommend it. I feel lucky and blessed that I got to do this with her, and the insights she offered were so deep, validating, and supportive of my new path in all areas of my life. I was truly blown away. Thank you, Juliana. You are a gem."

Anna, Los Angeles, CA


"My friend persuaded me to seek a professional Astrology reading with Juliana, and honestly, I never really 'believed' in Astrology. Within five minutes or less, I felt as if Juliana knew me better than I knew myself. Her reading has changed the way I see things. She showed me a way to direct the energy that is boiling inside me in the right direction. I don't know how she does it, but she puts heart, soul, and an incredible amount of energy into these readings, resulting in a truly memorable experience. Juliana goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the process and feel very comfortable. I cannot recommend a reading with her enough, and I hope more people are able to experience this."

John, Vail, CO


"Thankful for Juliana's kindness, her grace to guide me, and her love. She is a light of pure blessings."

Rowan, Dublin, Ireland

“Juliana is breathtakingly intelligent, a pure channel for astrological archetype, a rebel, a peaceful quiet roar — she inspires me, for real for real.”

Emily, New York, NY 

"Such deep wisdom around playful energy and the slower moving influences. Juliana's intuitive astrological reading really created a picture of things right now and how to relate to them. Some really lightning bolt moments of awareness and accuracy around my current situation."

Beth, Ontario, Canada

“Incredible session. I felt very seen and received a bout of fresh strength that will be of great aid in seeing through my period of transition. I've been inside an energizing astro-bubble since the reading!”

Michael, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"That was by far the most accurate and empowering reading I've ever had."

Donnie, Detroit, Michigan


"I've recommended Juliana to many friends and family members, and they've been blown away—it has changed the perception of so many folks that may have been doubtful of astrology itself. I cannot emphasize enough how much my experience and readings with Juliana have influenced my life."

Lindsey, Austin, TX


"Juliana's written report of my Natal Chart is fascinating. I've been studying it carefully."

Jane, London, England


"What a blessing to speak to Juliana!!! She has such a gift and this is such natural work for her. I'm feeling SO much more grounded after my transit reading.  It's like knitting a little sweater from the myriad of strands that sort of sit there forlornedly. Sending love and all my thanks."

Sara, Paris, France


"WOW! So inspiring! Thankful for Juliana and her amazing insights!"

Peter, Santa Fe, NM


"So fortunate to find Juliana. Grateful for all of her love and wonderful clean and clear energy."

Beth, Sydney, Australia


"Juliana's grounded and majestic approach to both Reiki and Astrology left me wanting to continue working with her forever. She is able to honestly assess any situation with a clear perspective, while always aiming towards truth and compassion. She gives clarity of perspective, maybe not what you intended walking in the door, but what you ultimately needed to hear in order for inner growth and beauty to blossom within. I would recommend her to anyone."

Carolyn, Boulder, CO


"Juliana is especially gifted with romantic readings, adding her special flare while helping with energetic breakthroughs."

Pamela, Boulder, CO


"I never thought I'd refer to anyone as a 'beam of light' until I met Juliana! Having never had an astrology reading (the jaded New Yorker in me), I was skeptical. Juliana has a passion that's contagious, a quirky sense of humor, and most importantly an honesty and genuineness that's refreshing. Juliana delivered above and beyond. I felt as if I was talking to both a friend and a guide without any of the 'new agedness' that turned me off from astrology. What impressed me most was her attention to detail and the feeling of being seen and completely understood. I walked away with a much better understanding of myself."

George, New York, NY


"Juliana has been reading my chart to me for years. It has not only provided me with incredible insight of myself, but it has inspired an understanding of my true self that I didn't know existed. She has explained my strengths and weaknesses to me in a way that I would not have understood without her. Her insight is invaluable, and her skills in astrology are unparalleled. There is no one who can interpret a chart as she can—she incorporates details that encompass not just the basics of your true self, but what else is 'at play' in your life. There is no one more human and understanding than her, and that is crucial when you allow someone to read your chart because you need a good translator. We all need to make sense of ourselves and our purpose, and I need someone to explain it in a way I can understand. This is one of her greatest gifts."

Ann-Marie, Denver, CO


"Juliana is so special, and the reading exceeded my expectations. I'm so lucky I had this reading. Very uplifting, inspiring, validating, spiritual... She is so great! I want to share with everyone how talented she is."

Steph, Los Angeles, CA