Breaking free

by Juliana McCarthy

Anna Pugh

Anna Pugh

May 15, 2018 — The Taurus New Moon is no ordinary lunation. It arrives at 7:46am EDT, several hours before Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time in 84 years. These transits are marking a significant shift in our personal lives and the collective. We're breaking free from limiting circumstances, patterns, obstacles, and stagnation. Embracing our worthiness, we're learn to incorporate the full spectrum of who we are. The lightning of Uranus is striking, its thunder clapping. With little choice, we're leaping into the next phase.

We might look to see where transiting Uranus falls in our charts. This tells the story of where we're beginning a whole new chapter—where we're bucking against our own status quo. This area of life is where we can now experience revolution and revelation. At the same time, this Taurus New Moon is offering an incredible chance for manifestation. We might now ask ourselves what we would like to call in—

What kinds of relationships, home, community, and career would most would most align with our authentic hearts?

The planets are ready to elicit breakthroughs, shattering ruts that have been holding us back from our true life-paths. Insights and awakenings could abound, seemingly out of nowhere. We can make best use of this Moon by consciously releasing security blankets and expectations—leaping beyond fear to pursue our passions, which also serve humanity. We can embrace our fears of change and the unknown, trusting the Universe and our unfoldment to lead us to our highest potentials.

On this powerful New Moon, may we think bigger. With courage, may conjure our visions and genius—and offer them to the world.

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