Taurus Full Moon:
Radical Change, radical Self-Love

by Juliana McCarthy

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto

October 24, 2018 — The Taurus Full Moon arrives at 12:45pm Eastern Time, in close conjunction with Uranus—planet of shock and revolution. While the energies of this Hunters’s Moon are unsettling, they’re here to challenge us in supportive ways. New patterns are emerging from our deepest subconscious. We’re breaking out of old ruts, releasing stale energies and situations that still hold us back.

This Full Moon isn’t supposed to be comfortable. Uranus is zapping us with lightning bolts while opposing Venus and the Sun, disrupting the status quo. With Venus involved, we’re revolutionizing our attitudes toward relationships, values, gender, and money in particular. We’re letting go of unhealthy dynamics so we can forge fresh paths. New art holds extra power now to change the collective flow.

As Venus retrogrades through Scorpio, the feminine in each of us is rising like shoots from the mulch. How can we lead with tenderness and empathy, rather than abuse, selfishness, and lust for power? How can we relax with the tides, easing up on our jealousy and need to control others?

Meanwhile, the Moon and Uranus are helping us embrace our authenticity—celebrating who we are without shame or apology. Fears of abandonment, old grief, heartbreak, societal conditioning, and beliefs that we’re not ‘good enough’ are ready for resolution. Freedom is possible, and it begins with loving ourselves more fully so we can better extend our hearts to others.

Taurus, after all, rules self worth, and this Taurus Full Moon holds the keys to unlocking deep shifts. We must first learn to face our darkness—embracing it in our hearts with love and forgiveness so it can dissolve. We each hold the potential to be monsters or saints. Knowing this, we can forgive ourselves—acknowledging that beneath everything, we are all basically good and worthy of love.

On this Taurus Full Moon, may we root to the earth, thunder clapping all around, opening us to new dimensions. May we relax with our fears, embracing immense change as it leads us to greater paths.

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