simplicity + surrender

by Juliana McCarthy

Robert Vickery

Robert Vickery

November 4, 2017 — A Taurus Full Moon arrives today, opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio. We are able to engage in deep healing right now, with the light of Jupiter shining on our darkest shadows. At the same time, the Sun is trining Neptune, tapping us into spirit, magic, and the realms of the unseen.

While the effects of this lunation are grand and transformative, the grounded Taurus Moon reminds us to be simple and touch earth—relating with our bodies and sense pleasures. This way, we can stabilize our minds in the midst of great transition and purging.

Issues around love are rising to surface as we move deeper into authenticity and intimacy. We are continuing to break out of old, limiting patterns—seeing where childhood wounds are still rearing their heads in our relationships. Ultimately, we are healing ourselves so we can be more available to love, with ease and open hearts.

Matters relating to money and resources may also arise with this Full Moon, and it would serve us to question our priorities moving forward. We might explore the root of how we define wealth to see what's really there:

Is true wealth reflected by excessive money—or by love, nature, family, and spiritual path? Do we have little money but wonderful friends? Are we materially wealthy while lacking in freedom, authenticity, or purpose?

This Moon is ready to reveal our lacks and desires, and to pose questions around values and abundance. At the same time, we are turning inward to investigate our self-worth. How do we speak to ourselves? Do we treat ourselves and our bodies as sacred? This Moon is calling for us to take better care of ourselves and to recognize the connection between our bodies, hearts, and minds, along with our worlds. We might notice that however we speak to ourselves we project onto our surroundings. If we constantly tell ourselves we’re not good enough, how then do we feel about our friends, our loved ones, and our environment?

With the Sun trining Neptune on this Full Moon, we are able to step back and see the bigger picture, letting go of needless criticism, fighting, materialism, and divisiveness. We are surrendering our clinging and simplifying our lives, discovering that true joy and fulfillment require very little from the outside world.

May we stop and appreciate the falling leaves, being present with each moment. May we embrace the beauty of ordinary moments and our innate simplicity.

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