Choosing Your Talisman

In choosing which stone you want for your talisman, you could either choose your Sun sign or the sign of any of your planets.
This depends on what you want to call in. Here is a list of the planets and their meaning to help you decide:

Sun sign — to increase your basic expression, confidence, joy, and vitality
Moon sign — to encourage contentment, emotional well-being, and fulfillment
Mercury sign — to strengthen mental powers and the ability to communicate (good for teaching, writing, and public speaking) 
Venus sign — to generate creativity, magnetism, and romance
Mars sign — to encourage confidence, physical strength, and sexuality
Jupiter sign — to inspire luck, expansion, and travel
Saturn sign — to help with discipline, business, and reputation
Uranus sign — to spark intuition, humanitarianism, and friendship
Neptune sign — to support spirituality, meditation, gentleness, and compassion
Pluto sign — to inspire transformation, power, and deep healing, or to assist you through intense life phases, such as illness, loss, or heartbreak