Choosing Your Talisman

In choosing which stone you want for your talisman, you could either choose your Sun sign or the sign of any of your planets.
This depends on what you want to call in. Here is a list of the signs and corresponding stones, and the planets and their meaning to help you decide:

Signs + stones:

Aries: Raw Grey Diamond (connects you hope and gives necessary power to achieve that hope)
Taurus: Jade (soothing purity, purifies your energy field in a manner that is accepting, loving, and wise)
Gemini: Clear quartz (clears the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptivity)
Cancer: Moonstone (nourishing, deeply feminine energy that heals and returns you to wholeness)
Leo: Citrine (carries the power of the sun—warm, comforting, and energizing, awakens creativity, imagination, brings fresh starts and manifestation)
Virgo: Amazonite (soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear)
Libra: Opal (inspires love, creativity, and hope, innocence and purity)
Scorpio: Labradorite (brings magical energies and connects you to the spirit world, purifies negativity)
Sagittarius: Garnet (restores energy, joy, and vitality, brings you into the present moment)
Capricorn: Lapis Lazuli (brings self-awareness and qualities of honesty, compassion, and morality)
Aquarius: Amethyst (assists spiritual healing, calms and clears mind, opens third eye)
Pisces: Aquamarine (evokes the purity and calm of the sea, inspires truth, trust and letting go)

Planetary signs. Choose your:

Sun sign — to increase your basic expression, confidence, joy, and vitality
Moon sign — to encourage contentment, emotional well-being, and fulfillment
Mercury sign — to strengthen mental powers and the ability to communicate (good for teaching, writing, and public speaking) 
Venus sign — to generate creativity, magnetism, and romance
Mars sign — to encourage confidence, physical strength, and sexuality
Jupiter sign — to inspire luck, expansion, and travel
Saturn sign — to help with discipline, business, and reputation
Uranus sign — to spark intuition, humanitarianism, and friendship
Neptune sign — to support spirituality, meditation, gentleness, and compassion
Pluto sign — to inspire transformation, power, and deep healing, or to assist you through intense life phases, such as illness, loss, or heartbreak