Summer Solstice 2019:
opening portals of Light

by Juliana McCarthy

Max Pechstein

Max Pechstein

June 21, 2019 — Summer begins on the Summer Solstice, when the Sun is at its zenith. The longest day of the year, this is a time to celebrate light, abundance, and joy. During this shift, the Sun moves into Cancer—the domain of the sensitive Crab. Ruling home and our emotions, we’re turning inward, focusing on family, intimate friendships, and our private lives.

This summer, energies are high, with two eclipses arriving in July, while Saturn and Pluto continue to circle the South Node. Before the paradigm shift occurs in 2020, we are experiencing major karmic reckoning and purification as we examine all that’s been holding us back from our evolution, both personally and collectively. We’re finding the courage to face our pain and discomfort so we can help each other out of stagnation, walking through the fires so we can manifest a world that aligns more deeply with our hearts and inherent care for one another.

As we step further into tender warriorship this summer, we’re learning how to work with our anger in healthy ways, healing our hearts as we create more safety, understanding, and deeper bonds with those we love.

In other news, I’ve collaborated with medical astrologer and holistic medicine practitioner Dr. Emily Anne McDonald, MD to make this Summer Calendar for the Alchemist’s Kitchen. Visit here to see the transits of the summer as well as supportive herbal remedies for each (Visit Emily’s website (, and follower her on Instagram (@emilyannemxd).

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