Summer Solstice 2018:
shining our inner light

by Juliana McCarthy

Hilma af Klint

Hilma af Klint

June 21, 2018 — Summer begins on the Summer Solstice, when the Sun is at its zenith. The longest day of the year, this is a time to celebrate light, abundance, and joy. Today, the Sun also moves into Cancer—into the domain of the sensitive Crab. Ruling home and our emotions, we are turning inward and focusing on family, intimate friendships, and our private lives.

The potentials for creative regeneration and new relationships abound as we embrace change and the bright energy of summer. With Mars preparing to station retrograde, and three eclipses on the horizon, it would serve us to look within ourselves with courage, releasing all that's in the way of our truth and authenticity.

The solstice gateway is now open, flooding us with immense light. We could feel a sense of euphoria and peace, while ideas, epiphanies, and inspiration pour in. We might also feel old triggers activated as we purify and purge our darkness and faulty thinking. It's harder for the ego to hide in the face of this much light.

Many of us are opening to greater purpose and mind as we elevate to higher frequencies of light, bridging our human and soul selves. Part of this process requires balancing our inner masculine and feminine. In particular, we're working to recalibrate our inner masculine, making room for a more empowered feminine.

Soon, six planets will be in retrograde, allowing us the chance to reevaluate our paths forward. We’re making sure that our karma is clear, our foundations strong, as we build and inhabit our future selves–and ultimately the future paradigm.

On this Summer Solstice, may our hearts beam like the brightest sun, opening to creativity and true love. May we shine our light indiscriminately, with generosity, sensitivity, and joy.

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