The Spring Equinox 2018 +
Astrological New Year

by Juliana McCarthy

Charles Burchfield, Dawn in the Early Spring, 1946-66

Charles Burchfield, Dawn in the Early Spring, 1946-66

March 20, 2018 — The Spring Equinox arrives today, as the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator, making day and night of equal length. Today, the Sun also moves into Aries, beginning the astrological New Year. We’re now entering a season of reawakening, freshness, and opening to new beginnings. We’re coming out of our Piscean slumber, jumping into our bodies with purpose and motivation. Previous transits have been preparing us for this moment, helping us purify our minds, hearts, and karma. Now, we can spring forward, more energized and enlivened.

The Spring Equinox is also helping us find equilibrium, giving us a chance to balance the feminine and masculine within each of us. On March 31, the Libra Full Moon will aid in this endeavor, bringing harmony to our relationships and inner selves. We are further empowering our inner feminine, learning to hold better space while standing up against abuse and aggression. At the same time, the inner masculine is softening, facing karma and accepting firmer boundaries with respect, tenderness, and humility.

Before leaping ahead, Mercury stations retrograde this week, on March 22, slowing down the exuberance of spring, making sure we’re establishing proper roots for the coming year. We can now harness our invigoration and take advantage of this transit, turning inward to clean up our inner dialogues and to learn how to feel into our drives and desires without speaking or acting impulsively. We can be still with increased energy, applying it toward healing our mental, emotional, and spiritual foundations.

In which direction are we heading? Which areas of our lives now need course correcting?

From here, we can sow our seeds of intention in healthy and fertile soil, so our shoots can grow strong in the coming year.

Happy Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year!

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