The Astrology of September 2018:
creating Order out of Chaos

by Juliana McCarthy


September begins with gentle Virgo taking our hands, leading us to more stable ground. In the wake of this summer’s eclipses and retrogrades, upheaval and recalibration, Virgo’s cool logic is a welcome respite. The planets are ready to help us strategize, focus, and clean up our energetic baggage. We’ve been actively revisiting and surrendering outworn patterns, relationships, and belief systems—anything that’s been impeding our growth. As we transition into a whole new chapter, we have the chance now to stabilize and rebuild, to carefully move into our next phases with intelligence, deliberation, and grace.

From here, we can look back at the summer’s rubble, taking inventory of all we’ve left behind—and all we’re carrying forward or rebuilding from scratch. Where do we go from here? It’s up to each of us, and the planets are ready to support us in rewriting our lives and who we are—with clear vision, passion, and pragmatism.

Saturn Stations Direct / Grand Earth Trine

On September 5, Saturn stations direct in Capricorn, ending his phase in retrograde. He’s releasing his practical, strategic energy, helping to carefully propel our momentum. On the same day, Mercury, planet of mind and communication, moves into Virgo—his natural domicile—while also forming a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus and Saturn. Logic and mental agility are now strong, helping us create order out of the summer’s chaos, with concrete solutions and to-do lists. From here, Mercury can sort out anything in our minds that still feels muddled or confused.

Virgo New Moon

A Virgo New Moon arrives on September 9, opposite Neptune. The Moon asks: How can we apply Virgo’s stability to set better boundaries and cut through our fog? What do we most desire as we move into the future, and how will we focus our efforts toward achieving it? Venus moves into Scorpio on the same day, rousing our passions. She and Uranus are activating Mars in a powerful T-Square. We’re preparing to catapult into the future, with newfound trajectories, impulses, and desires. It’s time to go after what we want, without fearing others’ judgements.  What kinds of lives, relationships, and worlds are we ready to dream up and create? We’re easily blending the warmth of our compassion with cool intellect. Our newfound clarity brings deep healing to our bodies, hearts, and minds.

Uranus square Mars

September 16 to 18, Uranus and Mars complete their volatile dance, which began in May. Uranus rules sudden change, rebellion, and the future, while Mars is our confidence, direction, and inner masculine. Our trajectory and masculinity are now entering their final stage of reinvention. There’s no point holding onto the past—onto previous systems, structures, or conditioning. We’re moving rapidly into the future with tender strength—defined by an ability to be authentic and gentle, rather than brutish or unkind. How can we embrace our differences in ourselves and others, with fearless love? How can we be more honest and open, vulnerable and brave? We’re questioning the status quo as never before, making sure that all we do and say stems from personal investigation and contemplation, rather than complacency or expectation.

Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox arrives on September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere, beginning the second half of the zodiac year—when we become more internal and reflective. We’re entering the beauty and equilibrium of Libra season, as leaves turn to reds, oranges, and golds, and relationships and harmony move to the fore. With Venus preparing to retrograde, we’re reexamining our values, aesthetics, and relationships. During this shift of seasons, our inner feminine and receptivity stand on the precipice of great empowerment.

Aries Full Moon

On September 24, the Aries Full Moon arrives in the midst of two T-Squares. The planets are pushing us to question how we relate. We’re making deeper commitments to each other, with dignity and respect. We’re also breaking out of old ruts—particularly between the feminine and masculine. As the Full Moon conjuncts Chiron, it’s time heal and step into our vulnerability with greater courage, so we can express and release our feelings fearlessly. After all, this is the pathway to liberation, and our source of deepest strength—from which our true power emanates. 

Our work now is to embrace our authenticity—accepting ourselves without worrying what others may think. Judgments, after all, are merely projections of what we haven’t dealt with inside ourselves. From this place of genuine-heartedness and neutrality, we can organize our thoughts and clarify our plans. Our road maps are crystalizing, our paths unfolding easily, with gravity’s gentle support.

September Summary

September is a beautiful month for organization, as the planets assist us in finding sanity and clarity after a painful, difficult summer of retrogrades and eclipses. This summer brought ample tension as we’ve rapidly released old energies for the purpose of calling in the new. From this place of vulnerability, we can now pull our broken pieces into cohesion, with careful, logical Virgo is helping us regulate and find ground. On September 4, Saturn stations direct, endowing us with pragmatism. At the same time, a supremely stable Grand Earth trine helps us find order from the chaos. And on September 9, a Virgo New Moon assists us in cleaning up our energetic messes. We’re strategizing on how we will build our future while heeding our deepest desires. Uranus and Mars form their final square mid-month, moving us into greater sincerity and more authentic life paths that align with our true hearts. As we prepare for Venus’ retrograde next month, the Aries Full Moon on September 24 offers a powerful moment to reassess our relationships, becoming more courageous in our tenderness—freer to feel what we feel, without resistance. With deliberation and care, we’re beginning to chisel out the lives, relationships, and selves we want to inhabit. We’re discovering our true strength, which stems from allowing ourselves to be who we are, without fighting it. We’re loving ourselves more—and from here, releasing judgments about ourselves and each other, as we transition into greater acceptance, peace, harmony, and love.

Like rain trickling down mountaintops, may our paths emerge naturally and effortlessly. May we release our solid grips around who we’re supposed to be, emerging as kinder, gentler, and more receptive beings—more of who we really are.

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