September 2017 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy September!  

Wobbly and raw, we enter this month in the wake of an electric Eclipse Season. Mars and Mercury have joined together at the same degree as the eclipse, eliciting some intense anger and lashing out! The eclipse portal is still open—the fog is clearing and Uranian lightning still striking. We have more lessons to work through before we can access Virgo's sanity and clarity...

You can read all about the Astrology of September in my latest article.



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After August’s insanity and a jolting Eclipse Season that set us on a different course, Virgo is ready for harvest—connecting us with earth, self-care, and a careful integration of new energies. Mercury is retrograding, marking a period of reviewing and reevaluating all that we’ve experienced for the past month and year. As Mars forms a conjunction with Mercury, generating friction and intense arguments, our anger is purifying. We now have the chance to bring our unconscious drives to the surface so we can root out destructive, repressed feelings and avoid creating future harm. With Venus forming two significant trines with Saturn and Uranus this month, we are learning powerful lessons around communication, relationships, and love. We are healing ourselves, recalibrating our inner voices, values, and worthiness so we can extend that generosity of spirit to everyone we meet. With the Virgo-Pisces axis ignited all month, the question remains: How can we practically apply universal love and cosmic ideals to everyday human life? How can we find revolutionary, compassionate forms of communication that can help to heal the divides?

As the coolness of fall cuts through summer’s heat, may we stop and take a breath, appreciating the phenomenal world. May we be gentle, persistent, and tough, always returning to the ocean of vulnerability and love... Read the rest of September's astrology here.

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