THE ASTROLOGY OF September 2017:
surveying the rubble

by Juliana McCarthy


Wobbly, staggering, and emotionally raw, we enter September in the wake of an electric Eclipse Season. After the total Solar Eclipse last month, we've been experiencing major shake-ups. As the air cools and the leaves begin to turn, we can take a little respite, feeling the natural world as we integrate these epic changes and explosions. Luckily, the Harvest Queen is leading the way. Gentle, devotional Virgo is taking our hand, helping us to touch earth and as we survey the rubble. There’s work to be done—and anger to move through—before we can reach Virgo’s sanity and clarity. The fog is clearing, Uranian lightning still striking, and the eclipse portal has yet to close.

Mars Conjunct Mercury

Mars conjuncts Mercury at the start of the month, exact on September 3. This transit has been eliciting heated words and fiery arguments since the last week of August. In the thick of agitation, we might remember that anger and conflict are not bad. They can help us to draw out repressed emotions and confusion so we can work with them more consciously. They assist us in setting boundaries and clearing up resentments. If we can sit with our anger and intensity, allowing them to rise in burning waves, we can thaw our frozen grief and trauma—finally releasing them. Harnessing this transit, we can discover healthier ways of relating to our emotions and patterns of communication. After stating our needs forcefully, we will at least know where we stand, finally working through unresolved turmoil.

Mercury/Mars Trine Uranus

Mercury and Mars also form a harmonious angle to Uranus. Something shocking is likely to happen around September 2 or 3 as the energy of Uranus disrupts the status quo. Unpredictability is taking hold, increasing our erraticism and fighting. We have no choice but to be honest with ourselves and each other, owning our mistakes and caring for each other valiantly. Uranus is helping us to root out deception, both culturally and within ourselves. There is no room for anything short of complete honesty and authenticity.

Sun Opposite Neptune

On September 5, the Virgo Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces. We are straddling the line between practical reality (Virgo) and big mind (Pisces/Neptune). We might ask ourselves how we could touch cosmic truth while also caring for our basic needs. We can make our beds and a proper cup of tea, then return to the world with dignity, honesty, and limitless compassion.

Pisces Full Moon

On September 6, the Pisces Full Moon arrives, conjoined with Neptune. The Universe is continuing to ask us to connect with vastness as we work hard to serve others. Mercury will cross the same degree as the eclipse during this Full Moon while lighting up a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus. The question of communication is at the fore. With humility and pragmatism, we might consider how we could relate to speech and communication moving forward. Manifestation energies are high, and we can continue to ask ourselves what we would like to create in the world and in our lives. How can our imaginations generate something tangible and helpful? How can our dreams align with actuality?

Venus Trine Saturn + Uranus

On September 12, Venus trines Saturn, encouraging a reality check around our love and values. What do we want to commit to more deeply? What should we let go of? This is not the time to jump from one meaningless interest or relationship to the next. We are becoming more serious about what we want and who we would like to attract, devoting ourselves with fuller hearts.

Several days later, on September 17, Venus trines Uranus while moving across the point of the Solar Eclipse. Our love and values are revolutionizing. We are coming together in community to uphold values of compassion and inclusion for the future paradigm. If our relationships have felt stuck, now is the time to undo our stagnation and align romance with authentic expression. Is there something we’ve been wanting to say that we’ve been holding back? Is there someone we have unresolved business with? With suddenness and urgency, our relationships and creativity now stand to realign.

New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo arrives on September 19, opposite Chiron—planet of the Wounded Healer. With Venus forming a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, we are now experiencing massive collective healing. We can touch in with our vulnerability and old wounds, which break through egoic clinging. How can we join together in shared love and heartbreak? How can we create new, inspired patterns around our values, friendships, and our sense of worthiness? This is a beautiful time for relationships as we continue to connect everyday humanity with cosmic ideals.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus

Since November 2016, Jupiter and Uranus have been weaving in and out of an opposition. The first opposition brought the election of Donald Trump; the second was his inauguration and the marches that followed; and finally, September 27 will herald the third and final opposition.

Throughout this transit, we’ve been undergoing major collective work to purify karma and root out obstacles blocking our egalitarian ideals. On a personal level, we've been breaking through relationships blockages. Now, the shock and revolution that we’ve been experiencing since November are ready for their last crescendo and subsequent waves. If we can do our part to examine the truth of our history and our own dark corners, we could help to contribute to creating a saner society. We might remember to embrace who we are, owning our mistakes, shame, and traumas while engaging in conversations with respect and openness.

As a society, we are becoming masterful surfers, riding waves of confusion and uncertainty and finding creative solutions that address humanity’s needs. Ultimately, we are establishing more freedom and authenticity. We might remember now to move into our hearts. With strength and courage, we can operate from the powerful soft spot at the center of us all.

September Summary

After August’s insanity and a jolting Eclipse Season that set us on a different course, Virgo is ready for harvest—connecting us with earth, self-care, and a careful integration of new energies. Mercury is retrograding until September 5, marking a period of reviewing and reevaluating all that we’ve experienced for the past month and year. As Mars forms a conjunction with Mercury, generating friction and intense arguments, our anger is purifying. We now have the chance to bring our unconscious drives to the surface so we can root out destructive, repressed feelings and avoid creating future harm. With Venus forming two significant trines with Saturn and Uranus this month, we are learning powerful lessons around communication, relationships, and love. We are healing ourselves, recalibrating our values and inner voices so we can extend our generosity of spirit to everyone we meet. With the Virgo-Pisces axis ignited all month, the question remains: How can we practically apply universal love and cosmic ideals to everyday human life? How can we find revolutionary, compassionate forms of communication that can help to heal the divides?

As the coolness of fall cuts through summer’s heat, may we stop and take a breath, appreciating the phenomenal world. May we be gentle, persistent, and tough, always returning to the ocean of vulnerability and love.

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