scorpio new moon:
transforming our hearts

by Juliana McCarthy

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

November 18, 2017 — The Scorpio New Moon arrives early Saturday morning, at 6:42am Eastern Time. We’ve been feeling all of our emotions lately—doing deep, even painful, transformational work. This New Moon is beckoning us to continue facing our jagged corners, releasing them to the light of awareness. This way, we can become more of who we really are—and more available to intimacy with ourselves and each other.

Who are we at our core? How can we love ourselves and each other more fully—the darkness as well as the light?

With Pluto square Mars, the New Moon squaring the nodes, and Venus soon to follow, we simply cannot avoid confrontation now—with ourselves or others. How beautiful that we must face all of our truths, however painful they may be?

We might consider a New Moon practice of sitting upright and contemplating our fears—allowing our emotions to rise and move through us like burning waves. This way, we can purify and heal, unsticking any emotions that have been lodged inside of us.

As we do this work, we are making room for greater ease of spirit while becoming more available for genuine connection. In fact, with Chiron trining the Scorpio New Moon, we have the opportunity to heal our relationships, to move through our wounds and triggers with one another, allowing for deeper connection.

Scorpio rules sexuality, which is another theme of this New Moon. We could now investigate our intimate selves to find out what we've been repressing and what's been holding us back. How are we addicted to power, unable to release the grip of control? How can we go deeper into love, increasing our sensitivity and mutual care? We might consider looking our loved ones in the eyes, noticing and receiving them just as they are—without the burden of expectation or projection.

With a mutual reception between Venus and Mars, we are also experiencing a shift between the masculine and feminine. The feminine within all of us is coming into her power and grace while the masculine experiences painful awakening and metamorphosis. Within each of us, the energy of compassion, healing, and receptivity are becoming more pronounced while aggression, abuse, and selfishness are being acknowledged then thrown to the fire.

On this powerful New Moon, may we aspire toward healing and awakening, becoming more of who we are—open, vulnerable, and loving beings. Like autumn leaves, may we release our clinging, allowing gravity to guide our journeys with gentleness and ease.

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