The depth of pleasure

by Juliana McCarthy

Barbara Regina Dietzch

Barbara Regina Dietzch

May 18, 2019 — The Scorpio Full Moon arrives on Saturday at 2:11pm Pacific time, forming a harmonious trine with the deeply purifying Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction. Full Moons always offer release, and in Scorpio, we’re now shedding the weight of our darkest shadows. We’re integrating any pain that’s been arising, while connecting with the strength that comes when we face our biggest fears—fears of loss, shame, speaking out, or being seen.

On the same day, Venus crosses Uranus in her natural domicile for the first time since 1936. The feminine is meeting the planet of revolution and liberation in Taurus, where she’s fully empowered. Here, she’s helping us unshackle our inner feminine from oppression.

In fact, the myth associated with Taurus is Persephone, one of the strongest goddesses. After Pluto rapes and abducts her, taking her to the underworld, she emerges triumphant at the start of Spring. She then befriends Cerus, the Bull, who’s been trampling villages, taming him and riding him into Spring. With great pleasure, they work together to set the flowers in bloom. After a long period in hell, she’s returned to simplicity, relishing in the beauty of Earth and her sensuality.

Awakened by Uranus, Venus in Taurus is now ready to lead us into the future, imbuing us with wisdom, depth, and newfound power. Like Persephone, we’re more deeply integrating our pain, karma, and hard lessons into freshly transformed selves. We’re becoming deeper and more mature—better able to hold space for our healing, along with that of others. We now have greater capacity to love our pain and imperfections, seeing them as sources of strength.

At the same time, with the Sun in sensual Taurus opposing the Moon in mystical Scorpio, we can now take greater pleasure in our indulgences since we’re more present with what is. Ascending from the Scorpionic shadows, we’re not as distracted by what we’re afraid to see.

Meanwhile, Taurus is reminding us to ground, connect with the Earth, and practice deep self-care, feeling the power of our self-sufficiency—the limitless resources that come from within. Sitting upright, we can still our minds and delight in our senses, dissolving our longing for something else.

Taurus represents our priorities and values, which may be shifting. It’s time to simplify and determine where best to apply our time and energy. We might ask ourselves:

Who in our lives reflects back our self-worth, and who’s deserving of our attention? How can we approach work in a way that’s more enjoyable and rewarding? And what are we ready to let go?

We can now draw our heart energy back into our own hearts, feeling our strength as we liberate our inner feminine. We’re feeling our feelings, expressing our unique creativity, and finally seeing that our true value has nothing to do with other people’s fears, judgements, or projections.

After facing our shadows in the underworld, may we emerge like Persephone—more courageous, resilient, and simpler. Unburdened by shame and repression, may all that we feel transform into jewels of wisdom and adornment—especially our darkest shadows.

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