Sagittarius New Moon:
manifestation time

by Juliana McCarthy

Georgia O'Keeffe, Pond in the Woods, 1922

Georgia O'Keeffe, Pond in the Woods, 1922

December 18, 2017 — The Sagittarius New Moon arrives on December 17 and 18, just one degree from the Galactic Center. Forming a trine to Uranus and a conjunction to Venus and Saturn, this lunation holds beautiful potentials. Manifestation powers are high, with magic and pragmatism blending together harmoniously. Any intentions we now set stand to blossom into long-term fruition—as long as they’re aligned with the greater good.

If we're starting a project, do we have a vision of how it might contribute to bettering society? If we're beginning a relationship, are we orienting toward growing together and opening our hearts?

Saturn rules karma. As he joins the New Moon and transits over the Galactic Center, he is making sure that our intentions are pure. Any self-serving or egotistical agendas stand to backfire or implode. Encouraging perseverance, integrity, and hard work, Saturn is showing us how to crystalize our dreams. He reminds us to take responsibility for ourselves, laying careful foundations for anything we hope to accomplish. From there, we can move outward in concentric circles. As we generate dignity, deliberation, and self-respect, we can extend that to others—improving society one interaction at a time.

Meanwhile, Uranus is granting us the freedom to be fully ourselves, breaking down any barriers in our way. We are becoming more fearless, moving through self-doubt, insecurities, and fears. Awakening is now possible as insights flash from the ether, sparking epiphanies and creative genius. If we’ve been stuck in any area of our lives—work, love, spirituality, or emotional growth—we could harness this transit to dislodge our stagnancy, finding fresh currents that will lead us to the next phase.

With Mercury still in retrograde as Jupiter trines Neptune, it would be wise to listen to our subconscious. We might pay attention to our dreams and auspicious coincidences. Messages are pouring in from the Universe, helping us heal as we align with our true purpose, expansion, and potential. In order to receive them, we could sit still, or write down our dreams.

With straight spines and soft hearts, may we root to the earth, connecting, at once, with gravity and limitlessness. May we leap into the future, setting pure intentions—fearless, responsible, and free.

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