Sagittarius Full Moon:
Wisdom, Optimism + Connection

by Juliana McCarthy

Friedrich Seidenstücker

Friedrich Seidenstücker

June 17, 2019 — The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on Monday near to the Galactic Center, connecting us with inter-dimensional wisdom. Arriving just after an exact Jupiter-Neptune square, this Moon is helping us dismantle old, outworn belief systems and philosophies. We’re remembering to relax our rigid thinking, stepping into the Great Mystery and the truth of not knowing. Trusting the Universe and our unfoldment, our past traumas can soften and dissolve. We now have the chance to forgive each other and establish gentler communication.

Meanwhile, our optimism is ready to return like the morning sun, even as we work through great inner struggles or witness the turmoil of the world. After all, Sagittarius is the sign of optimism. With his arrow pointing toward the horizon, the Centaur inspires our senses of humor and adventure. He reminds us that the journey is the goal, that joy comes when we stay present in the moment, embracing all that is happening, right now—good and bad, light and dark, ease and struggle.

With the Sun and Moon falling along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, it would be helpful to take time to ground and still our minds. The planets may be stimulating overactive thoughts, irritation, or even anger. We may find ourselves acting from old emotional wounds, but as we bring our shadows to the light of awareness, we’re supported in liberating from harmful patterns and habituations.

Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom, and it’s available to all of us from the depths of our beings. We only have to rally the courage to face our shadows and fears. We can look our shame, self-loathing, and heartbreak in the eyes, allowing them to wash through us and release. Having faced ourselves, we can then hold space for others to do the same. With Pluto and Saturn on the South Node, familiar structures systems are continuing to crumble and fall away. It’s important to find ways to keep our hearts open, no matter what—while continuing the powerful work of deep emotional and ancestral purification.

Meanwhile Mars and Mercury are circling the Cancer North Node. We’re deepening our communication as we determine what we truly desire, from a place of greater tenderness and vulnerability. We may want to hold hands with loved ones, strengthening our connections in real life, rather than losing ourselves in technological devices. Surrounded by supportive friends, loved ones, and communities, we can stand up for our ideals, tell our stories, and feel unconditional love as we do so. 

On this Sagittarius Full Moon, may we surround ourselves with loved ones, remembering our ideals, even as we face our darkest shadows. May we sit in nature—Earth below, sky above, the two meeting inside our tender, ever-expanding hearts.

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