Sagittarius Full Moon:
Love, Forgiveness, and Healing

by Juliana McCarthy

Ernst Haekel

Ernst Haekel

May 29, 2018 — The Sagittarius Full Moon Flower Moon arrives on Tuesday, at 10:19am EDT, interrupting our grief and strife to present us with magic, love, and a broader perspective. Optimism, adventure, and opportunities abound, revealing the silver lining of any recent pain and discomfort.

With a beautiful Grand Trine between the planets of love, expansion, and forgiveness, we may feel our edges softened. Gratitude and buoyancy support us in the midst of rapid change and uncertainty. We’re remembering to connect with vastness and profundity as we find deeper sources of security and love—rooted from within. Dance, music, and energy healing are particularly potent, as the planets bring us into magical flow.

Sagittarius is the sign of spirit and joy. Whatever challenges we’ve been facing, we’re now remembering that the future is bright, that we're moving toward unforeseeable dimensions and heights. Anything we’ve had to release is making room for us to grow and expand our hearts further.

We only have to remember to be careful with our words—remembering the power of our simplicity and silence. Gemini and Sagittarius rule communication and dogma, and it would serve us to temper our expression, exercising restraint and careful consideration.

As Uranus continues his ingress into Taurus—which began a couple weeks ago—anxiety and sudden change have struck us like lightning, dislodging any stagnancy and stubbornness. We’ve been facing painful truths, awakening to our deeper sense of worthiness and self-love. Whatever we’ve been facing, this Full Moon is ready to connect us with vast stores of light and unconditional love—reminding us that there are possibilities we have yet to even imagine.

There is no better moment to forgive ourselves and each other, to ease tension and strife and move toward greater peace. With tenderness and gentleness, we can release our grips and appreciate our truest selves. If we’ve lost our minds, we can come back. If we’ve hurt someone, we can apologize. If we’ve been hurt, we can heal. As always, our pain and shadows are offering us great pathways to liberation.

On this Flower Moon, may the soft light of forgiveness permeate our hearts. May we release our struggles and learn to love ourselves, looking toward the horizon with joy, gratitude, and love.

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