Pisces New Moon:
Profound Healing

by Juliana McCarthy

Hilma af Klint, The Dove, no. 11

Hilma af Klint, The Dove, no. 11

March 17, 2018 — The Pisces New Moon arrives on Saturday, at 9:13am EST, bringing great potential for profundity and healing. Conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and falling in the sign of spirituality and transcendence, this New Moon allows us the chance to heal our deepest wounds—our disconnection from Source, oneness, and interconnection. Calling on the wisdom of Chiron, we could now open our hearts and embrace our pain and discomfort. Facing our darkness and greatest fears is the path to liberation—to finally repairing the existential traumas that have held us back from our fullest potential.

As we prepare for next week’s Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year, we have the opportunity to release our traumas and anger, forgive ourselves and each other, and clean the slate for new energies to arise. Since we’re preparing for a new age to begin in 2020, when Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn, we are even cleaning the slate for a whole new collective paradigm.

What deep spiritual wounds are we ready to resolve?  Where have we been indulging in escapism, victimhood, or flimsy boundaries? How can we take better care of ourselves moving forward?

Pisces rules both the feet and the crown chakra—in other words, the wholeness of being. We might begin by connecting to our bodies and the earth, then expanding outward from there, touching in with vastness. How can we feel all of our emotions without questioning them—without overanalyzing, self-criticizing, or repressing them? Pisces helps us relax and go with the flow of our internal process. Without controlling or altering our feelings, we can discover wisdom within ourselves—answers that we’ve been seeking from external sources.

In fact, the Aquarian Age is very much a time for discovering our individual spiritual paths—for moving beyond organized religion and trusting ourselves more than any authority, teacher, or philosophical framework. It’s time to become our own guides. We can ask for help when we need it, but also remember that when we’ve rooted to the earth and opened to the sky, we can always trust our inner voice.

As the Wounded Healer, Chiron shows us that as we heal our wounds, we will unearth our unique gifts for helping others to heal as well. Our pain is how we access tenderhearted compassion. As we lead ourselves from the edge of any cliff, we can help others do the same—pointing out the path that's worked for us.

Forming a square to Mars and Vesta, this New Moon is also working to heal the collective masculine and the repressed spiritual-sexual feminine. When Jupiter entered Scorpio in October, he was conjunct Vesta, empowering her, while exposing the abuse of power that led to her enslavement. So with this New Moon, we are focusing on healing the masculine aggression within each of us, along with the suppression of feminine power and the spiritual potential of sexuality.

In the midst of this profound New Moon, Mars is preparing to shift into Capricorn and the Sun into Aries. Because of this, we may find ourselves pulled by the busyness of work. How can we go about our ordinary human lives while orienting to egolessness and healing? It’s time to remember our openhearted intentions, to feed our deepest drives and work through our limitations—both internally and externally. What do we really want to do that would benefit all? Free of the shackles of supposed-to’s, what path would we pursue? How can we take steps in that direction?

On this Pisces New Moon, may we find the courage to face our deepest wounds. May we feel nourished by the Earth—our feet firmly planted and our gaze facing upward, toward the limitless sky and the enormity of space.

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