closing the eclipse portal

by Juliana McCarthy

Gerhard Richter,  Wolke , 1971

Gerhard Richter, Wolke, 1971

September 5, 2017 — The Pisces Full Moon arrives on Wednesday, bringing the official close to eclipse season. Peaking the day after Mercury has stationed direct, we might expect clarity and relief. However, this Moon is falling in tight conjunction with Neptune—planet of surreality, magic, deception, and dreams. He surrounds us with fog, making it difficult to see clearly or find solid ground. Life could feel shaky now, like we've entered an alternate dimension. As the fires of eclipse season mix with the water of Pisces, the clouds of obscuration could thicken even more.

Forming a square to Saturn, this Pisces Full Moon is drawing our fears to the surface. We may find ourselves grappling with uncertainty and worry, questioning the current structures of our lives. As old paradigms dissolve, all arrows point to sorting out our history, communication, and relationships. Rather than escape reality or succumb to the hamster wheel of our minds, we might reach out to others, initiating compassionate, clear dialogue—sharing our stories with openness and non-judgment.

After two weeks of Mars joining forces with Mercury, igniting our irritation and anger, we could now forgive ourselves and each other, recognizing our mistakes while allowing for human imperfection. As we face serious world dilemmas and natural disasters, we might pull in from the chaos, tending to the details of our lives that are within our control.  

It’s time to mend fences, build a new reality, and anchor our dreams for the future into pragmatic steps. How can we implement virtuous strategies for creating the lives that we want? How can we take better care of ourselves and those around us, speaking out against deception, making amends, and curbing our critical bite? 

Virgo's clear voice is ringing through the haze, reminding us of the most powerful lessons that the Pisces Moon has to offer: All beings are basically good and worthy of love. All beings are love itself.

With boundaries and discernment, may we create a cradle of loving-kindness to house our tender hearts. May we continue to join heaven and earth, blending vastness with everyday life—including more and more in our vision of enlightened potential.

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