October 2018 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy October!

October is the month of LOVE. Everything is ruled by Venus, who’s about to station retrograde for the first time in two years.

Now it's time to heal our oldest traumas and patterns, and finally learn to love—beginning with ourselves. We're recalibrating relationships, sexuality, and intimacy, while our inner feminine steps into her power. We're learning that true strength does not come from brute force, but from the depth of our hearts, our receptivity, and our ability to hold space for ourselves and each other with compassion, and not judgment.

It's time to stand strong—spines strong, hearts open—without wavering from the deep knowing that we are all basically goodworthy, and lovable.

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October is defined by Venus—planet of love, relationships, peace, and acceptance. This month, the Sun is in Venus-ruled Libra, while the New and Full Moons fall in Libra and Taurus—both Venusian signs. On top of that, Venus is about to station retrograde for the first time in two years, igniting a powerful, transformative period of female empowerment and recalibrating our notions of love, beauty, and tolerance. Sexuality, intimacy, and relationships are at the fore. Personally and collectively, we’re breaking out of toxic patterns and reformulating how we relate to one another, beginning with ourselves. We’re uprooting thousands of years of patriarchal hierarchies as we shift into a matriarchal age. This does not mean replicating patterns of abuse, but empowering everyone to step into their strength, with full acceptance, compassion, and tolerance. After the frustrations of an arduous Mars Retrograde, we’re now bounding ahead, owning the strength of our gentleness and receptivity, and releasing old traumas and past harms. We’re rapidly making way for the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020—which is meant to be a golden age of egalitarianism, emotional maturity, and blazing love.

In the midst of changing leaves, may we feel our hearts pulsing with color. May we anchor into peace and equilibrium, loving ourselves fearlessly, without question—so we can offer our grace, kindness, and gentleness wholeheartedly, to those we hold dear.

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