October 2017newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy October! 

The transits have been relentless this year! While the past month has been particularly stressful and contentious, some gentler energies are now set to arrive. Libra is in command, offering a little respite from the erraticism. And soon, Jupiter will be moving into Scorpio—one of the most momentous astrological events of the year. This will help us to heal our traumas, particularly around relationships.

In fact, we are about to begin a whole new cycle around relationships this month, letting go of outworn partnerships and patterns and starting down a fresh path. But keep in mind, we are still in the wake of a shocking Jupiter-Uranus opposition and a life-altering Solar Eclipse...

Read more about the Astrology of October in my latest article.


I'll be in Boulder the first half of the month, Taos mid-month, and Dallas and Austin for the last ten days of October. Otherwise, I'll be working mostly via Zoom or Skype. Send me a message if you'd like to schedule a reading, either remotely or in person


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October brings some softer energies in a year dominated by chaos and insanity. Libra is in command now—the balanced Scales who remind us of beauty, harmony, and equilibrium. With Mars and Venus in conjunction while trining Pluto, and with two lunations falling along the Aries-Libra axis, we are beginning fresh cycles in our partnerships and friendships. We are closing chapters and opening the doors to fresher, cooler airs, which are thankfully sweeping in. Three slow-moving planets are prepared to shift signs beginning this month, introducing more calmness and stability. We start with Jupiter moving into Scorpio on October 10, leaving behind his Uranus opposition and subsequent unpredictability. Forming harmonious angles with gentle Neptune and transformative Pluto, we are beginning a beautiful year of deepening our intimacy, transformation, and healing.

After torrential storms, may we appreciate the rainbows, allowing the power of beauty to stop our minds and strengthen our hearts. With courage, may we continuously start again, opening to the wisdom, awareness, and love that's available in each moment.... Read the full article on October's Astrology here.

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