THE ASTROLOGY OF october 2017:
new cycles in love

by Juliana McCarthy


We begin October with balanced, spacious Libra taking our hand, leading us from the heat and stress of September into saner, cooler waters. Master lover and harmonizer, Libra provides a respite from the turbulent energies of the past month and year. While October contains its fair share of intensity, we are starting to find our way out of the chaos—integrating uncomfortable truths and making peace with sudden changes. After all, we are still in the wake of the disruptive Jupiter-Uranus opposition, as well as August’s life-altering Solar Eclipse.

But the tides are now turning with Jupiter set to move into Scorpio on October 10—marking one of the most important astrological events of the year. With three slow-moving planets changing into stabler signs over the next six months, we will be entering completely new energies—and this time they are more grounded, pragmatic, and introspective. These shifts could steady our momentum and help us rebuild. This month, we begin with some softer influences soothing our erraticism.

Full Moon in Aries

At the start of October, passions are running high. Venus and Mars—planets of love and sexuality—are joined together and forming a harmonious trine to volcanic Pluto. We are unearthing our anger and deepest desires just in time for the Aries Full Moon on October 5. This Moon is helping us culminate and release old relationships while initiating new cycles around love.

Jupiter has been in Libra for the past year, emphasizing our relationships. With the Full Moon now falling along the Aries-Libra axis, just as Jupiter reaches the last degree of Libra, our work around interpersonal patterns is reaching its peak. We are now ready to deepen our intimacy, clarify our desires, and muster the courage to go after what we want.

What do we long for? What do we need to release? What steps do we need to take moving forward?

With Jupiter and Uranus in opposition since last November, we have been facing ourselves truthfully—our limitations, struggles, and repressed emotions. Now, we have little choice but to lean into our discomfort, relax, and move on from whatever has been holding us back.

If we’ve been perpetually single, it is time to finally dive in. If we’ve been harboring resentments, we could now self-liberate and release them. If we’ve been engaging in unhealthy dynamics with partners or friends, this is the moment to stop and reset.

Jupiter into Scorpio

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10, where he will remain for a year. Jupiter in stinging Scorpio may sound ominous, but this change will actually come as a great relief. For the past year, Jupiter in friendlier Libra has been challenged by a contentious opposition to Uranus, bringing massive upheaval. As Jupiter changes signs, he will leave Uranus behind, forming softer, more positive aspects to Neptune and Pluto.

From our depths, we will be able to heal old traumas, dissolve obstacles, realize dreams, and transcend. While Jupiter in Scorpio shines light on our dark corners, dredging up our fears, anger, and doubt, he also helps us harness the power of our awareness so that we can liberate ourselves from suffering and limiting beliefs.

Mars Square Saturn

On October 11, Mars squares Saturn, bringing our momentum to a temporary halt. While this can feel frustrating, Saturn is ultimately here to help—slowing us down to make sure that we’ve laid proper foundations before we plow ahead. This is a good time to call on our patience, trusting the wisdom of deceleration.

New Moon in Libra

The Libra New Moon arrives on October 19, opposite radical Uranus. If we thought our phase of unpredictability was over, another lightning bolt crashes during this charged New Moon. Falling in relationship-oriented Libra, the New Moon is beckoning us to find freedom within our relationships. Echoing the Aries Full Moon, this New Moon presents another opportunity to let go of outworn patterns—like codependency or avoidance. If we’ve been afraid of commitment, now is the time to experiment with that uncomfortable edge. If we’ve been holding onto someone who isn’t good for us, now is the time to walk away. We could even take a risk for the sake of love, proclaiming our feelings with beauty and authenticity—breaking out of our habitual silence.

Sun into Scorpio

The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, emphasizing the Scorpionic phase we have already entered with Jupiter's shift. While Scorpios have had it rough lately, they are now in for a wonderful year. Each will be touched by Jupiter’s joyful, expansive glow. At the same time, they will be supported by gentle Neptune, who dissolves all contention—forgiving our unconscious eruptions with understanding and unconditional love. 

Mercury Trine Neptune

On October 24, Mercury will trine Neptune, softening the jagged edges of last month's anger. We are learning to communicate with more compassion, diminishing our aggression in everyday speech. This is a beautiful time for psychic communication and for creating poetry and music—expressing our otherworldly feelings and exalted love. With so many jarring transits of late, this softer influence allows us to rest our heads, just for a moment, in the cradle of loving-kindness. 

October Summary

October brings some softer energies in a year dominated by chaos and insanity. Libra is in command now—the balanced Scales who remind us of beauty, harmony, and equilibrium. With Mars and Venus in conjunction while trining Pluto, and with two lunations falling along the Aries-Libra axis, we are beginning fresh cycles in our partnerships and friendships. We are closing chapters and opening the doors to fresher, cooler airs, which are thankfully sweeping in. Three slow-moving planets are prepared to shift signs beginning this month, introducing more calmness and stability. We start with Jupiter moving into Scorpio on October 10, leaving behind his Uranus opposition and subsequent unpredictability. Forming harmonious angles with gentle Neptune and transformative Pluto, we are beginning a beautiful year of deepening our intimacy, transformation, and healing.

After torrential storms, may we appreciate the rainbows, allowing the power of beauty to stop our minds and strengthen our hearts. With courage, may we continuously start again, opening to the wisdom, awareness, and love available in each moment.

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