November 2018 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy November!

We begin the month deep inside Scorpio's underworld before quickly changing course, back into the light. This month is full of major shifts

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 8, after a year's journey through shadowy Scorpio. Now that we've plunged our depths, the clouds are parting. Bright Jupiter is ready to bring a new period of optimism and expansion.

The Nodes are also changing signs, moving along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, adjusting our paths forward. We’re officially beginning an era of the empowered feminine as we continue to clear karma around patriarchy, intolerance, and other massive systemic problems.

Venus also stations direct mid-month, ushering us forward in the realms of loverelationshipsmoney, and values. After a difficult and confusing journey, we can now feel the blessings of greater resiliencebalance, openness, and restored hearts.

All the while, we can remember that the main theme of the month is expansion. We’re finding the courage to face greater truths opening our minds and embracing deeper wisdom, with humorjoy, and hope...

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November begins in the shadows of the Scorpion’s lair, but major shifts are on their way. Multiple planets, along with the nodes, are changing signs, ushering us into entirely new energetic terrain. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any darker, a plot twist emerges. The clouds part to reveal the bright light of Jupiter, who’s moving from challenging Scorpio into Sagittarius, his natural domicile. We’re ending a year of deep shadow work and beginning one of increased optimism, truth, and expansion. At the same time, the nodes are moving along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, bringing us into an age of the empowered feminine. We’re now prioritizing family and tribe, and leading others from a place of vulnerability and heart. Venus has a significant month as well. She stations direct, trines Mars, and ends the month in a final opposition to Uranus. Our dynamics around love, relationships, money, values, and the feminine are ready for revolution, while the painful dance between the genders begins to soften, and we gradually find more peaceful, synchronistic ways of relating. As always, free will comes into play, and how we work with these energies is up to us. If we can open our minds, embrace our journeys, and temper our tendencies toward dogma and excess, we have the chance now for profound spiritual openings, and for expanding our hearts, minds, relationships, and worlds beyond anything we could have imagined.

In colder weather, leaves crumbling beneath our feet, may we feel the joy of connecting with nature and each step on our path. May our hearts and minds open as we revel in truth—feeling the ineffable and divine, which transcend all words, concepts, categories, and definitions.

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