November Astrology 2017
Juliana McCarthy


Happy November! 

This month, Shamanic Scorpio is leading us into the underworld, revealingour secrets and hidden selves.

It's a potent month for  magicdreams, and spiritualityDeep healing is now possible, particularly through relationships

We're uncovering our repressed wounds, working through shame anddiscomfort, and taking responsibility for where we've hurt others. With honesty and integrity, we're ready to release anything holding us back from ourhighest potential.

Read more about the Astrology of November in my latest article.


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November is a potent month for magic and healing as Scorpio takes our hand, plunging us into the invisible realms. If we've been holding onto pain, shame, or lies, they're now bubbling to the surface for honest examination—both within ourselves and society. Jupiter began his journey through Scorpio, and now multiple planets are moving through this sign of transformation, power, and sexuality. We've already undergone a great collective shift around these issues, and we are continuing to dive deep into ourselves—owning our mistakes while growing into our integrity and compassion. Love and money continue to be themes this month. The Full Moon in Taurus poses questions about our values while helping us heal through relationships. Later in the month, the New Moon brings painful transits while restoring the balance between feminine and masculine energies—transforming our aggression while empowering our qualities of love, nurturing, and receptivity. In a way, this is the beginning of the end. We are feeling the pain of rebirth as we prepare for a new age, set to begin in 2020. Veils are lifting, revealing truth and magic as we dance to the edge of the cliff, ready to dive in.

As we take the leap, may we smile as we fly through the unknown—luminous beings in limitless space. May we realize that we already were—we just didn't have the courage to open our eyes. Read the full article on November's Astrology here.

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