THE ASTROLOGY OF November 2017:
diving into the depths

by Juliana McCarthy


We begin November with shamanic Scorpio in command, leading us into the underworld. The nights are becoming longer, turning us inward and confronting us with invisible layers—our dark corners, secrets, and hidden selves. The wind is stripping us bare. Like leafless trees, we are left naked and exposed, silhouetted against starlight. Rooted and unmasked, we are now ready to face ourselves with complete honesty as we purify our karma.

With Jupiter trining Neptune, we might pay attention to our dreams this month, which could be especially wild, vivid, and memorable, revealing what we've been afraid to see. Dipping into the unconscious, we could bring awareness to wherever we've been asleep—examining our latent traumas, shame, and vulnerabilities so they no longer rule our lives. Meditation, spirituality, magic, and deep psychological work hold extra potency this month. Both individually and collectively, we are ready for deep purging—releasing anything that holds us back from our highest potential.


At the start of the month, Saturn is in a painful conversation with Chiron—the karmic reckoner imposing difficult lessons on the wounded healer. Exact on November 2, this transit is helping us move into our integrity and take responsibility for our pain and limiting beliefs. As a society, we can no longer ignore our collective suffering as we finally recognize harmful histories and patterns. Since Jupiter entered Scorpio last month, we’ve already witnessed large-scale healing around abuse of power and sexual assault. We may now ask:

Where have our traumas, belief systems, and secrets held us back? Where do we need to become more honest—both with ourselves and each other?

The planets are imploring us to surrender our egos and embrace who we are—our pain and beauty, integrity and mistakes. We are diving to the bottom of our wounds and seeing what’s stuck. Have we been afraid of rocking the boat, making a scene, or feeling our shame? We can now visualize anything causing us anguish and explode it into light. We can move through our fear and do our parts in assisting the collective by facing ourselves and standing up for what is right. With fearlessness and integrity, we can work through our pain and discomfort in order to heal, and face our consequences if we’ve hurt others.


A Taurus Full Moon arrives on November 4, opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio. While the effects of this lunation are grand and transformative, the grounded Taurus Moon reminds us to be simple and touch earth—relating with our bodies and sense pleasures. This way, we can stabilize our minds in the midst of great transition and purging.

Issues around love are rising to surface as we move deeper into authenticity and intimacy. We are continuing to break out of old, limiting patterns—seeing where childhood wounds still rear their heads in our relationships to others. Ultimately, we are healing ourselves so we can become more available to love—with greater ease and open hearts. Matters relating to money and resources may also arise on this Full Moon, and it would serve us to question our priorities moving forward:

How do we define wealth and what do we value most, both in ourselves and the outer world?


One of the biggest transits of the year arrives on November 11. Saturn will form his third exact trine with Uranus, culminating our journey of revolutionizing society, our lives, and the status quo—which began in May. The planets have been pushing us to unstick from obstacles and limitations, whether external or within. We have been discovering our true paths and calling—breaking out of the illusion of security. How can we bring our talents to the world for the benefit of all? How can we show up in our lives truer to ourselves and each other? With this final push, we can now step into the future—more awake, authentic, and free.


Love receives the expansive light of Jupiter this month as it forms a conjunction with Venus on November 13. A few days later, Venus trines Neptune, bringing a helpful boost to love and friendships. If any relationships have been experiencing difficulties, this is a wonderful time for forgiveness and moving forward, and for healing ourselves through partnerships. If anyone has felt unlucky in love, this period has the potential to magnetize friends and partners and to facilitate great intimacy. Manifestation powers are high, so we might consider a daily practice of calling things in—focusing on how we would like to feel in our daily lives, rather than specific elements.


The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on November 18, forming a harmonious angle to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Ultimately, this Moon will will facilitate healing for all of us. However, an edgy T-Square between Mars, Uranus, and Pluto means our process will not be easy. These planets are eliciting major transformation—not only within ourselves, but also in the broader spectrum of government, power, and masculinity. With tensions mounting, these energies hold the potential for anger, violence, and upheaval.

This New Moon is also marking a pivot point in the recalibration of feminine and masculine energies. The feminine is coming into her power and grace while the masculine experiences painful awakening and metamorphosis. Within each of us, the energy of compassion, healing, and receptivity are becoming more pronounced while aggression, abuse, and selfishness are thrown to the fire.


On November 22, the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius as Neptune stations direct. Spirituality and expansion are pronounced now as we prepare for a major shift next month, when slow-moving Saturn moves into Capricorn. Issues around beliefs, truth, and dogma are rumbling beneath the surface, rising so they can fall away. Neptune is helping us dissolve our divisiveness so we can move further into interconnection and oneness. Meanwhile, we are about to begin a period of heaviness and much greater social responsibility. We can prepare by beginning the shift within ourselves, embracing Scorpio's deep inner work—appreciating the full spectrum of our beings.

November Summary

November is a potent month for magic and healing as Scorpio takes our hand, plunging us into the invisible realms. If we've been holding onto pain, shame, or lies, they're now bubbling to the surface for honest examination—both within ourselves and society. Jupiter began his journey through Scorpio, and now multiple planets are now moving through this sign of transformation, power, and sexuality. We've already undergone a great collective shift around these issues, and we are continuing to dive deep into ourselves—owning our mistakes while growing into our integrity and compassion. Love and money continue to be themes this month. The Full Moon in Taurus poses questions about our values while helping us heal through relationships. Later in the month, the New Moon brings painful transits while restoring the balance between feminine and masculine energies—transforming our aggression while empowering our qualities of love, nurturing, and receptivity. In a way, this is the beginning of the end. We are feeling the pain of rebirth as we prepare for a new age, set to begin in 2020. Veils are lifting, revealing truth and magic as we dance to the edge of the cliff, ready to dive in.

As we take the leap, may we smile as we fly through the unknown—luminous beings in limitless space. May we realize that we already were—we just didn't have the courage to open our eyes.

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