Mercury Retrograde in Aries:
Relationship Breakthroughs

by Juliana McCarthy

Katherine Dunham, dancer

Katherine Dunham, dancer

March 22, 2018 — Mercury stations retrograde March 22 until April 15, beginning a rocky period of review, reflection, and cleaning up our communication in relationships. Falling in assertive Aries while dancing with Venus—planet of love, beauty, and femininity—we’re learning to balance the masculine and feminine within each of us.

How can we be genuine and direct, while at the same time loving and spacious? How can we listen with more sensitivity as we firmly assert our boundaries?

Anger and frustrations are arising now, and it would serve us to allow ourselves to feel all that we're feeling, without violence or shame. If we do, our triggers and discomfort can become portals to wisdom. We have the chance now to purify and fine-tune. We only have to relax on these bumpy roads, harnessing the transits to help us heal ourselves and our relationships.

May we embrace the beauty of our messiness and agitation. May we celebrate our humanness, taking pleasure in this uncomfortable dance, which holds potential for greater sincerity, clarity, and balance—along with considerable breakthroughs.

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