The Astrology of May 2019:
taking Pleasure in Slowing Down

by Juliana McCarthy


We begin May with Taurus, the patient Bull, reminding us to simplify, quiet our minds, and relish in the beauty of the season. April was a potent month of karmic explosions, forcing us to reexamine any patterns or traumas that are finally ready to transform. Old wounds have opened, allowing us to integrate our deeper lessons. We’ve begun the hard work of reconfiguring the status quo—any structures, systems, or pain that have blocked our growth.

While this journey will continue for the rest of the year, this month we have the chance to slow down, rest, and recalibrate. We can declutter our lives and return to the basics, letting go of meaningless pursuits of power and achievement—dreams that have only left us wanting more. The highest wisdom of Taurus is now guiding us, reminding us of effortless joy. This comes when we allow the time to relax, experience pleasure, and just be.

Taurus New Moon

The Taurus New Moon arrives on May 4, with harmonious angles to Saturn and Neptune. Manifestation energies are high as we work to align our reality with our highest ideals. The Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction rocked us last month, but it’s now forming a beautiful trine to this New Moon. We’re supported in integrating whatever turmoil has surfaced, as we slow down and connect with silence. We can quiet our minds, tuning into nature and profundity, remembering that all we need is right here, inside us. The supposed-to’s and outside pressures can lift as we reprioritize, placing greater emphasis on whatever brings us true contentment and peace.

Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon forms on May 18, also in a harmonious trine to the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction. Full Moons offer great release, and in Scorpio, we’re shedding the weight of our darkest shadows. We’re learning to surrender more deeply, trusting the Universe and our divine unfoldment. These have not been easy times, and this Full Moon is allowing us to revisit unconscious matter that has been arising for the past year-and-a-half. We’re more deeply integrating our pain, karma, and hard lessons into freshly transformed selves. We’re becoming deeper and more mature—more able to hold space for our healing, along with that of others. After facing our fears in the underworld, we’re emerging more courageous and resilient. We have greater capacity to love our pain and imperfections, which we’re finally wearing as adornments of our wisdom.

Sun + Mercury Move into Gemini

On May 21, the Sun and Mercury move into airy, communicative Gemini, ushering in lighter and more social times. Meanwhile, Neptune exactly trines the North Node on May 22, so we aren’t forgetting to connect with Spirit—even with chatty Gemini ruling the scene. Our intuitions are high, our crown chakras open to the sky. We can remember to allow love, forgiveness, and unity to permeate all we say and do, as we move forward in rebuilding our patterns and lives. If we have unresolved turmoil or contention with friends or lovers, now is a beautiful time to resolve it—finding common ground, rather than focusing on our divides. We’re coming together to form stronger bonds and more inclusive circles. With open hearts and greater maturity, our fears and triggers will continue to dissolve.

May Summary

This month, sensual Taurus offers welcome respite from the intensity of April. The Bull is providing us the chance to integrate painful karmic lessons and to simplify, ground, and remember what brings us true pleasure and contentment. Last month, Saturn and Pluto both crossed the South Node. Harsh angles drew old karma and pain to the surface for the sake of reckoning and reconstruction. Now, we’re slowing down to prioritize our sanity and peace. On May 18, the Scorpio Full Moon offers a beautiful chance to release old, unconscious matter, traumas, and shadows. We’re learning to trust our intuition and the natural flow of our lives. It may not be easy to do as we continue to undergo deep changes and purification until the next year. But with these struggles, we may also feel a powerful sense of relief. Whatever has been holding us back from deeper harmony is now ready to transform into its next iteration. We’re unshackling from old systems, structures, and beliefs, which have separated us from each other and the simplicity of Love. We’re ready to break free from the cuffs of materialism, taking care of ourselves and each other as we recalibrate our values—finding beauty in simple moments that have nothing to do with wealth, notoriety, or achievement. We’re discovering that true richness, in fact, has no external value as we let go, surrendering to the gentle pull of gravity, and the expansion of the infinite sky.

Surrounded by a symphony of flowers, may we relish in the beauty of our planet. May fluttering wings of butterflies remind us to tread lightly, releasing our tight grips and heavy loads—freeing our minds as we rewrite the story of being human.

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