The Astrology of May 2018:
The Earth is Rumbling

by Juliana McCarthy


May 1, 2018 — We begin May on the heels of a challenging and transformative month. April brought us to our knees, helping us surrender and face our dark corners. Now, we’ve cleared the way for gentler Taurean energies, which are gracing us at the start of the month, supporting us in relaxing and integrating April's intensity.

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in full effect. The Bull is helping us slow down and connect with nature and genuine self-care. It’s a little respite before the earth begins to rumble mid-May—when Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time since 1934. This is one of the year’s most significant transits. It's set to bring about a major shift in the collective consciousness, along with innovations around money, farming, sustainability, design, and shared values. Taurus rules the earth, and Mother Earth is increasing her volume, forcing us to course-correct so we can better sustain ourselves and the natural world.

By the end of May, we'll be rocketing toward the new paradigm, immersed in entirely fresh energies. There is no going back to the way things were, within ourselves or the collective. It’s time to release our fears and illusions of safety. We’re leaping into action and the unknown. With genuineness and courage, we are joining forces to rebuild our lives, communities, and the world.


After a relatively calm two weeks, the first major transit of May arrives mid-month. On May 15, a Taurus New Moon coincides with Uranus’ shift into the same sign. The planets are offering a brilliant moment for manifestation—for setting intentions for the long-term future around all aspects of our lives. We could now ask:

What kinds of relationships, home, community, and career would we like to call in, that would most feed our hearts?

Uranus is prepared to elicit breakthroughs, shattering ruts that have been holding us back from authenticity and our true life-path. Insights and awakenings abound, seemingly out of nowhere. We can make best use of this time by consciously releasing security blankets and expectations—leaping beyond fear to pursue our passions that would also serve humanity. 


With Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day—May 15—we’re beginning a seven-year journey of revolution around money, agriculture, art, beauty, and the environment. At the same time, we're ending a period of fire and volatility as Uranus leaves his long trek through Aries.

With Uranus in Taurus, our values are shifting to become more progressive and egalitarian. We’re rediscovering community, addressing widespread issues like loneliness and self-worth. Unexpected changes, such as market collapse and volatility or environmental disasters, could alter the world as we know it—helping us solve major problems by inspiring radical inventions and solutions. How we make money and where we invest could drastically shift. Those working for the greater good—outside corrupt systems—will be amply rewarded over the next seven years.

Some Uranus-Taurus questions have already begun to arise:

  • What would our country look like if the government invested in education, healthcare, and environmentalism, rather than big corporations?
  • How would the world change if we established universal income, or eradicated student debts?
  • How would it feel if we defined wealth not by money, but by spiritual understanding, love, and genuine connection?

While these types of shifts may now seem impossible, Uranus brings the unexpected. He triggers shocking events that facilitate unforeseeable changes. After all, Uranus is future-oriented, creative, and rebellious. As we make our way toward the new paradigm and Aquarian Age, Uranus is making sure we orient toward original thought. He's encouraging us to buck against the status quo so we can think for ourselves and achieve the pinnacle of human potential—caring deeply for each other, while aligning with Spirit and the Earth.

On a personal level, anyone who’s been caught in stubbornness or fear will be hit by lightning bolts of awakening. If we've been stuck in our love lives, creative pursuits, or general inflexibility, we could find ourselves jolted to the next phase. Whatever happens, we each have a responsibility to make sure that our values and trajectories are rooted in compassion, with an eye toward the collective whole and the far-reaching future.


The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on May 29, with the Sun and Moon forming conjunctions to fixed stars. The Sun is conjoined with Aldeboron while the Moon joins with Anteres—two of the four royal stars. Aldeboron is associated with anger, pride, and revenge, while Anteres represents friction, struggle, and taking a stand. Issues around dogma and faulty ideologies could come to a head as we establish  truth and upend deception. Sagittarius is fundamentally optimistic, expansive, and joyful. Whatever happens now—whether difficult, chaotic, or simply illuminating—the planets are working together to ensure our future is bright. The future paradigm, after all, is a Golden Age. The more we can continue the work of Jupiter moving through Scorpio for the next several months—facing our shadows, shame, and unconscious triggers—the more the planet's shift into Sagittarius will pay off in November—blessing us with expansion, good fortune, tolerance, and abundance.


May 2018 Summary

The first two weeks of May are refreshingly uneventful—a welcome respite after much cosmic intensity. In the crescendo of spring, we might take a moment to check in with our bodies, soothe our souls, and appreciate the splendor of the season. Lightning begins to strike mid-May, when a Taurus New Moon occurs as Uranus moves into the same sign—one of the most important transits of 2018. The New Moon offers a chance to set powerful long-term intentions, which we could actually manifest with the support of magnetic Taurus. On the same day, Uranus begins his revolutionary seven-year journey—upending our values, finances, and relationship to the Earth. Unexpected events could force us to reevaluate all that we take for granted, while new technologies, visions, and innovations usher us into fresh terrain. Themes of egalitarianism and environmentalism move to the forefront as we break free of the status quo and continue laying groundwork for the new age—set to begin in 2020. This is no time to stay stuck in ruts. We must embrace change and work with community and nature to evolve into the next phase. May ends with a potent Sagittarius Full Moon, straddling two fixed stars—Aldeboron and Anteres—which greatly expand the Moon’s effects. While these royal stars could trigger challenging energies, Sagittarius is optimistic and expansive. Whatever strife that arises holds potential to reveal truth and bring about good fortune in the long haul. As we look to the horizon, Jupiter is set to shift into Sagittarius in November. Much-needed levity and cheer are on their way. In the meantime, it’s up to us to clarify our values, envision our most expansive future, and work together to align ourselves with love, tolerance, truth, and genuine compassion for humanity and Mother Earth.

In fields of tulips and daffodils, may we celebrate new life. May we work together to produce colorful visions and possibilities—infused with love for the Earth, ourselves, and one another.

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