discovering our joy

by Juliana McCarthy 

May 1, 2017 — In the midst of torrential seas, May is an unexpected island—offering beauty, sustenance, and grounding in an otherwise chaotic year. With retrograde season over, we are moving into fresh territory—but with the carefulness and restraint of our dear Taurus Bull. Slow and steady, he reminds us to root to the earth and connect with our bodies before carrying out loftier goals. While Uranus and Pluto continue their square, coloring the planet with shock and upheaval, disciplined Saturn helps us to organize the chaos by forming a beautiful trine to erratic Uranus.

What a perfect way to begin an inspiring new phase as the Nodes of the Moon shift into Leo and Aquarius. The next year and a half are about discovering our joy and more meaningful, practical outlets for our creativity. The old paradigm is imploding, and this month we are taking the future more seriously—laying foundations and drawing up plans, deciding how we would like to contribute our talents to the world for the benefit of all.

Mercury Stations Direct

After a stint in retrograde, carrying us through dreamy surreality and miscommunication, Mercury will station direct on May 2. We've cleaned up old wounds around love and ruminated about the past. Now we can move forward in our relationships, agreements, and creative endeavors with less baggage and more wisdom and healing.

Since Uranus is next to Mercury as he stations direct, we may find ourselves having sudden breakthroughs after weeks of stagnation. Arguments that have been building for a while now have the chance to reach culmination, and if we’ve been worrying about a decision, the answer may hit us in a flash. Since Mercury is in Taurus, we will likely temper our epiphanies with carefulness and deliberation. Like butterflies, gentle and methodical in their transformation, this is truly a beautiful time for breaking free while not destroying too much in the process.

Nodes Move into Leo + Aquarius

The most anticipated transit of May is the shift of the Moon’s Nodes into Leo and Aquarius on May 7. After a year and a half in Virgo and Pisces—after a long era of hard work, purification, and releasing old habits—we are now moving into a phase of celebration, authenticity, and joy. The focus for the next eighteen months is on bringing our talents to the world, expressing our humor, and drawing people together for the benefit of humanity. How can we delight in all that we do while orienting toward helping others—living our joy so we can inspire others to do the same? How can we break free from tradition and mundanity, fully expressing ourselves to receptive audiences? We each have unique gifts and our own frequency of creative energy. Now is the time to unearth them. We can begin by asking: What brings us the most pleasure?


On May 10, a glorious and intense Full Moon arrives. A Grand Trine between Uranus, Taurus, and the North Node is almost exact, bringing about a blast of good karma. Pluto forms harmonious angles to this Sun and Moon, helping us to deepen our understanding and intuition and to experience positive rebirth. Relationships can evolve in the light of this Full Moon as we continue to break free of limiting, controlling circumstances and partnerships. We can now find the balance between simplicity and sensuality on one hand, emotional depth and complexity on the other.

Saturn Trine Uranus

Saturn enters a harmonious angle with Uranus this month, exact on May 18. Reality and authenticity are beginning an interesting dance. Together, they are rooting out dishonesty and manipulation. Falsehoods are under pressure, and smoke and mirrors will be seen as exactly that. After Neptune squared Saturn for most of last year, distortion of truth became commonplace. This transit attempts to bring that energy to a close. On top of this, Saturn is crossing the Galactic Center, and we are undergoing a karmic reckoning. Truth is prevailing, bringing about justice as it cuts through our confusion and doubt.

We may also notice chaotic events calming down and erratic people behaving in more controlled and practical ways. The energy of revolution is beginning to settle and take shape. Old structures have fallen apart, and from the rubble, we are beginning to construct the future paradigm. What are our priorities moving forward? How can we create sensible yet novel plans that will lead us to the next stage? This month is exciting and hopeful. We have worked hard at facing uncertainty and chaos, and we now have the chance to build atop a completely new foundation. 


May Summary

In a year marked by major upheaval, the astrology of May offers a much-needed reprieve. Taurus is in command, and we are slowing down and connecting with the elements, simplicity, and pleasure after a stressful start to 2017. Now, we can relax and touch earth, calming our minds and hearts after feeling pulled in many directions. Keeping us from falling asleep, Uranus is making his rounds, zapping our complacency and falsehoods with lightning bolts. With Uranus forming a supportive angle to Saturn, the unpredictable energies—change, shock, and revolution—are beginning to settle as the future takes shape. This sets the perfect scene for the North Node to move into Leo on May 7. We are beginning a journey of discovering joy in each moment and expressing our talents to the world for the benefit of all. With a beautiful Grand Trine set to arrive, we are more deeply discovering our life’s purpose. The month of May warms the seeds of this epic journey.

Like bears awakening from hibernation, may we take time to feel our bodies as we move slowly toward the light. Surrounded by dogwoods and lilacs, may we open fully to the earth—celebrating our gifts, this life, and the beauty of the phenomenal world.

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