Mars Retrograde:
+ the inner Masculine

by Juliana McCarthy

Kent Rockwell

Kent Rockwell

June 26, 2018 — Mars has stationed retrograde in Aquarius, turning direct in Capricorn on August 27. Thus we begin a period of recalibrating our inner masculine, as well as our motivations, anger, and drives. As Mars dances around the South Node, we're cutting ties with the past to make room for a more liberated future. At the same time, we’re reexamining places where we’ve been stuck or oppressed, slicing through karmic knots with our cosmic swords.

Mars rules courage, exertion, and sexuality. These energies are now turning inward for review. This does not weaken us—the opposite is true. During this period, our power emanates from within, with far greater intention and purpose. We’re stepping forward with careful footing, making sure that we’ve rooted in integrity, morality, and an eye toward the greater good.

It’s time to reflect on our deepest drives and motivations. We have the opportunity to heal our anger while releasing deep-rooted patterns of conditioning, from our childhoods and from patriarchal society. 

Where have we caused harm? Where might we take greater ownership of our mistakes? At the same time, where have we failed to stand up for ourselves or others?

Meanwhile, we're opening portals to heal and liberate issues around sexuality, intimacy, and the inner masculine. This may require saying goodbye to outworn circumstances, relationships, or friendships. Whatever happens, the purpose is to untangle karma—making room for more alignment with freedom and authenticity. As we let go of the old, partners from past lives may show up to help us remember our magic that we’re now reclaiming.

This is a ripe moment to recall the power of our sexuality to help us heal and awaken. Historically, churches and governments instilled guilt, thwarting our personal connections to the divine. If we can begin to relate to sexuality with more openness, love, and depth, the energy we generate is so powerful it could heal the Earth. This requires laying down selfish pursuits, releasing the need for external validation, and above all, relating to our inner feminine as sacred.

As we step into this new age, we’re beginning to access greater depth and dimensionality. We're pushing beyond linearity, breaking out of patriarchal values and oppressive conditioning. Mars retrograde—followed by Venus retrograde—signifies a summer of rectification. We’re beginning a journey of recalibrating the masculine as we further empower the feminine. We're restoring our true powers from within—becoming more spiritual than physical, more receptive than aggressive, more vulnerable than ego-driven.

During this period of Mars retrograde, may we find the courage to step into gentleness and kindness. May we self-liberate, connecting to our innate wisdom, wholeness, and magic—ready to be reclaimed.

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