March 2019 astrology
juliana mccarthy


 Happy March!

This month marks a major turning point, with Uranus moving into Taurus, beginning a new 7-year cycle. It's time to break out of our deepest ruts as we revolutionize our valuesrelationshipsfinances, and how we relate to the Earth.

Mercury retrogrades through dreamy Pisces all month, as a magical New Moon conjuncts Neptune, and the first of two Libra Full Moons arrives. Now is our chance to heal divides and melt away contention, particularly between the feminine and masculine polarities. From our stillness, we can find our truthset firm boundaries, and allow our hearts expand into unconditional love and forgiveness...
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March presents a major pivot point, with Uranus entering Taurus on March 6, breaking us out of our deepest ruts and stagnation. Revolution is ready to strike, transforming our values, relationships, finances, and how we relate to the Earth. At the same time, Mercury is retrograding through Pisces, eliciting a period of deep reflection and confusion. We're wading through truth and deception, discovering what’s real from the stillness of our hearts. The Spring Equinox also arrives this month in the Northern Hemisphere, coinciding with a Grand Earth Trine. We now have the opportunity to establish great healing and balance. Toward the end of the month, Venus enters Pisces, and forgiveness becomes possible in the wake of great turmoil and contention. We’re learning to set boundaries while loving each other more, recognizing our inherent goodness—no matter what beliefs we’ve been clinging to. As long as we approach the world with kindness and care for all, we can work together to make sure that everyone has their needs met, that our systems and structures support all beings, rather than cause harm. We can remember to care for ourselves too, as we continue to upend patriarchy, heal the masculine, empower the feminine, restore balance, and rebuild our world.

In the fog of stormy seas, may we establish clarity and groundedness from our inner stillness. May we find power in silence, strength in kindness, and the ability to forgive as we also set unflinching boundaries.

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