The Astrology of March 2019:
A major Turning Point

by Juliana McCarthy

As we enter March, Pisces, the Fish, are leading us through oceans of unconditional love—and also confusion. We’re still in the process of integrating major planetary shifts, which have been triggering karmic explosions and healing crises. But ultimately, they’re here to make us stronger, clearing the way for the new paradigm to take root. This month, as Uranus enters Taurus, we’re at a turning point. This is not the time to dig in our heals or cling to the past. Lightning storms and Piscean waves are ready to overtake us unless we choose to sit up straight and harness our sanity and courage to ride these waves.

With fog surrounding us, our inner fortitude is growing. We’re learning to set boundaries while loving each other deeply. We’re upending internal patriarchy, shame, and oppression, as we take the reins in our lives and our worlds. Meanwhile, the North Node is in Cancer, reminding us to come home to ourselves, feeling the full spectrum of our hearts. In the face of uncertainty and pain, we can find the courage to change what we can, and the peace to let go of whatever we can’t.

Mercury Retrograde

On March 5, Mercury Retrograde begins at the cusp of Aries while conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. For the whole month, Mercury will revisit Pisces, moving us into a period of reflection and review. We can take this opportunity to feel into our hearts, discovering the deeper truths that arise from our stillness and silence. This is a time to heal, grieve, forgive, and let go, as we revisit old situations and relationships. It’s also a beautiful time for art, music, improvisation, meditation, and channeled work, as we connect more deeply to our psychic abilities, our flow, and the unseen.

Uranus Enters taurus

After retrograding back into Aries, Uranus finally reenters Taurus on March 6, where he remains for seven years. Here, Uranus jolts us out of long-standing ruts and stagnation—places where we’ve been the most stubborn. The ways we relate to money, values, love, the Earth, and resources are ready to change, as we enter into a whole new frequency and chapter. We’re preparing to revolutionize money, agriculture, and relationships, and to become more multidimensional and feminine in how we approach these collective issues. When Uranus moved into Aries seven years ago, the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred on that very day. Uranus tends to bring unpredictable explosions that change the courses of our lives, both personally and collectively. You can look to see where this Uranus transit falls in your chart to understand how it will affect you specifically. [I’ll make a video about it on my Patreon page over the next few days if you want to sign up.]

Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon also arrives on March 6, marking a powerful day of magic and new energies. This is an otherworldly lunation, as it conjuncts dreamy Neptune and squares expansive Jupiter. We may struggle to find clarity in the midst of these great shifts and spiritual surges. Luckily, the Moon also forms a sextile to Saturn and Mars, grounding us while helping us determine how we will move forward. We’re learning to align our visions and dreams with pragmatism, realism, and compassion. We’re rebuilding our worlds as we learn to face uncertainty with greater courage, carefulness, and inspiration.

Spring Equinox

The equinox occurs on March 20, as the Sun enters Aries, beginning the astrological New Year. This marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Fall Equinox in the Southern. On this day, a Grand Earth Trine forms between the Moon, Mars, and Pluto, offering great stability to transmute our anger and fighting, particularly between the masculine and feminine polarities. With Chiron at 0º Aries, we could experience powerful support on our healing paths, as we feel our wounds and our vulnerability, which quickly become our strength. Our way forward is beginning to clarify as we feel more healed, whole, and self-sufficient, standing up for who we are and what we want, while never losing touch with our innate compassion.

Libra Full Moon

A Full Moon arrives at 0º Libra on The next Full Moon will arive at 29º Libra, sandwiching the sign of relationships, bringing great catharsis around our love lives while balancing our inner masculine and feminine. We may experience crisis or catharsis around our relationships and partnerships, as we call on diplomacy and equanimity to reveal our truths and release all that no longer severs us. 

Venus enters Pisces

At the end of the month, Venus moves into dreamy Pisces, ushering us back into love and forgiveness. After so much upheaval, fighting, and change over the past couple of years, here is a powerful chance to dissolve contention, feeling into our inherent oneness. We can remember to love ourselves and each other as we each heal, strengthen, and mourn all that we’re having to let go. We can remember that it’s to make way for the new—paradigms, relationships, and a world that better aligns with the benefit of all, where we’re safe and free, with systems and structures that are more loving and supportive, and leaders who share their power and freedom with all.

March 2019 Summary

March presents a major pivot point, with Uranus entering Taurus on March 6, breaking us out of our deepest ruts and stagnation. Revolution is ready to strike, transforming our values, relationships, finances, and how we relate to the Earth. At the same time, Mercury is retrograding through Pisces, eliciting a period of deep reflection and confusion. We’re wading through truth and deception, discovering what’s real from the stillness of our hearts. The Spring Equinox also arrives this month in the Northern Hemisphere, coinciding with a Grand Earth Trine. We now have the opportunity to establish great healing and balance. Toward the end of the month, Venus enters Pisces, and forgiveness becomes possible in the wake of great turmoil and contention. We’re learning to set boundaries while loving each other more, recognizing our inherent goodness—no matter what beliefs we’ve been clinging to. As long as we approach the world with kindness and care for all, we can work together to make sure that everyone has their needs met, that our systems and structures support all beings—rather than cause harm. We can remember to care for ourselves too, as we continue to upend patriarchy, heal the masculine, empower the feminine, restore balance, and rebuild our world.

In the fog of stormy seas, may we establish clarity and groundedness from our inner stillness. May we find power in silence, strength in kindness, and the ability to forgive as we also set unflinching boundaries.

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