March 2018 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy March + Happy Full Moon! 

A Virgo Full Moon arrives today, helping us find ground in the midst of emotional seas, as five planets move through watery Pisces. The emphasis now is on cleaning up our everyday lives—reorganizing, practicing self-care, eating good food, and connecting with our bodies. We're learning to help the world by first being healthy within ourselves.

The Spring Equinox arrives later this month, along with the astrological New Year. As we prepare for fresh energies, we have many chances this month to pauserelease, and establish solid ground, making sure we're taking the right steps forward with open hearts and pure intentions... Read more about the Astrology of March in my latest article.


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This month, we are cleaning up and reorganizing, finding solid ground and sanity in the midst of Piscean seas, as five planets move through the mystical sign of dreams and escapism. With the Virgo Full Moon arriving at the first of the month, we would be wise to focus on the minutia of lives—taking extra good care of ourselves, setting better boundaries, and creating healthier routines. Mercury and Jupiter both turn retrograde this month, tapping us into our intuition, and moving us into a phase of healthy self-reflection. We’re reviewing our traumas, anger, and deeper psychological layers—clearing anything that holds us back from fulfilling our soul’s potential. We’re softening our criticism and judgments, and finding ways to forgive ourselves, dive into magic, and open our hearts more fully. The Spring Equinox and astrological New Year both arrive this month, moving us out of our Piscean slumber and stagnation, and reenergizing us. A Blue Moon arrives on the last day of the month, eliciting a momentary standstill. We’re taking time to make sure we’ve rooted into virtue, sanity, and pure intention. It's a moment of stillness before we plow ahead into new phases, projects, relationships, and energies, which are set to arrive in the coming months.

Along with the first blooms of the season, may we celebrate our tenderness and strength. May we appreciate the simple beauty of our genuine hearts—peaking through the mulch, like the purple crocuses of early spring.

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