The Astrology of March 2018:
Spring Cleaning

by Juliana McCarthy


We begin March with five planets swimming through Pisces, the dreamy sign of the Fish. With such saturated planets, life has been in watercolor, our edges blurry and undefined. To ground, we are now calling on the Virgo Full Moon—reorganizing, connecting with the Earth, and committing to taking better care of ourselves. With a Virgo Moon and two planets stationing retrograde, March is about Spring Cleaning—releasing what no longer serves us while devising healthy plans for moving forward. It’s time to fine-tune our hearts, minds, and relationships so we can build a better world, beginning with our own well-being. As the Spring Equinox approaches, we're preparing the beds for spring so that fresh energies can take root and blossom.


We begin the month with a Virgo Full Moon on March 1, imploring us to anchor into our routines. It would serve us to focus on our individual spheres—the smallest details of our lives—rather than losing ourselves in collective pain and turmoil. What can we do today, on a small scale, that will greatly improve our lives? Buying a yoga membership, organizing our homes, hiring an assistant, or making minor adjustments to our diets are all examples of Virgoan commitments that could have profound effects. Healing is greatly supported now, so we can remember to ask for help—seeking good friends, healers, therapists, and body workers. We can give ourselves what we need in order to relax, soften our criticism, of ourselves and others, and open our hearts.


On March 6, Mercury and Venus move into Aries, the sign of the Warrior. We’re shifting out of lethargy and loss, while mustering the courage, energy, and motivation to move into the next phase. This could feel like a rebirth in the realms of art, relationships, values, and our minds.


On March 8, Mercury moves into its shadow phase, turning retrograde March 22 until April 15. We now enter into a period of self-reflection and further release. The cleaning out effects of the Virgo Full Moon are continuing, as we begin to review our relationships, mental patterns, and methods of communication. Breakthroughs are now possible, but it won't be without anger, agitation, and frustration first arising.


Jupiter turns retrograde on March 8, marking a significant moment in the midst of a major, yearlong transit: Jupiter in Scorpio. Since October, issues around abuse, sexuality, trauma, and secrets have risen to the surface, to be dealt with consciously. As Jupiter stations retrograde, it’s now time to reflect on what’s happened. We’re finding the courage to further reveal our truths and integrate our pain. While this transit has been intense, we are ultimately lightening our loads—cleaning up karma and psychological turmoil so we can better align with our soul’s potential.


A Pisces New Moon arrives on March 17. Supported by Chiron and Jupiter, we’re learning to heal ourselves more deeply and trust our intuition. With Venus and Mercury squaring Mars, we could feel stifled or triggered by our traumas and impatience. But if we can settle into stillness—opening to silence and peace—profound healing is now available to us.


The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20—the moment when the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator, and day and night are of equal length. The Sun moves into Aries on the same day, beginning the astrological New Year. We’re now entering a season of reawakening, freshness, and opening to new beginnings. We’re coming out of our Piscean slumber, jumping into our bodies with purpose and motivation. Previous transits have been preparing us for this moment, helping us purify our minds, hearts, and karma. Now, we can spring forward, more energized and enlivened.


The month ends with a Libra Blue Moon on March 31—the second Full Moon of the month. After jumping ahead with spring, with Aries blazing the trails, we now reach a minor impasse as the Libra Full Moon opposes Mercury in retrograde and squares Mars and Saturn. This gives us a second chance to stop and find balance, and to recalibrate our relationships in particular. The dance between the masculine and feminine continues. We are further restoring power to the feminine within each of us, while softening the masculine—by facing karmic reckonings and setting new boundaries. What will the future look like? It is up to us, and the planets are making sure that we lay careful foundations—that we take each step forward with ample heart, care, and integrity.

March Summary

This month, we are cleaning up and reorganizing, finding solid ground and sanity in the midst of Piscean seas, as five planets move through the mystical sign of dreams and escapism. With the Virgo Full Moon arriving at the first of the month, we would be wise to focus on the minutia of lives—taking extra good care of ourselves, setting better boundaries, and creating healthier routines. Mercury and Jupiter both turn retrograde this month, tapping us into our intuition, and moving us into a phase of healthy self-reflection. We’re reviewing our traumas, anger, and deeper psychological layers—clearing anything that holds us back from fulfilling our soul’s potential. We’re softening our criticism and judgments, and finding ways to forgive ourselves, dive into magic, and open our hearts more fully. The Spring Equinox and astrological New Year both arrive this month, moving us out of our Piscean slumber and stagnation, while reenergizing us. A Blue Moon arrives on the last day of the month, eliciting a momentary standstill. We’re taking time to make sure we’ve rooted into virtue, sanity, and pure intention. It's a moment of stillness before we plow ahead into new phases, projects, relationships, and energies, which are set to arrive in the coming months.

Along with the first blooms of the season, may we celebrate our tenderness and strength. May we appreciate the simple beauty of our genuine hearts—peaking through the mulch, like the purple crocuses of early spring.

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