revealing our shadows

by Juliana McCarthy

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus

October 19, 2017 — A potent Libra New Moon arrives today, marking a fresh start around healing, transformation, and relationships. With Jupiter moving through Scorpio, we must first reveal our shadows—feeling the discomfort of facing taboos, secrets, and traumas. We are becoming more honest and authentic as we confront our pain and fear, and take greater responsibility for ourselves and the world.

As Uranus opposes the Libra Sun and Moon, we are realigning the feminine and masculine. This way, we can become more whole—blending forthrightness with receptivity, intuition with logic, strength with compassion. But first, we can acknowledge what is out of synch with harmony, healing our missteps and misconceptions. Within each of us, where does the feminine need to become empowered? Where does the masculine need to soften? 

With most planets falling in relationship-oriented signs, our inner work is showing up in the eyes of others. What do our partners, friends, and communities reflect back to us? How can we use their feedback to further expand our wisdom and understanding? Now is the time for more honest conversation. We could form groups and tell stories in order to process our traumas, shame, and guilt—opening our hearts to each other as we share our truth and expose ourselves to differing points of view.

What are we most ashamed of? Rejection, victimhood, loneliness, rage? Whatever our truth, it’s time to place our hands on hearts, feel our basic goodness, and trust ourselves as worthy human beings. From there, we can meet our depths—revealing what we’re most afraid of.

Ultimately, this is a process of purging to make room for more light. With Jupiter in Scorpio for the next year, we are doing this work in order to plunge deeper into intimacy with ourselves and each other. We are undergoing significant transformation as we forgive ourselves and heal our souls. Then we will be able to connect more deeply—not only with each other, but with truth and profundity.

It starts today, on this Libra New Moon, which reminds us of love—love for ourselves, others, and even society. As we soothe our jagged edges, we could open further to embracing all sides—our pleasure and pain, friends and enemies—until the illusion of separation dissolves completely.

As Uranus zaps us with lightning bolts, miracles, breakthroughs, and revelations are now possible. Awakening is available to us in each moment, if we only surrender.

Like fall leaves floating to the ground, may we release our clinging. May we feel our pain and make room for the changing seasons—embracing the cold, which eventually becomes the rebirth of spring.

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