Libra Full Moon:
Finding Peace

by Juliana McCarthy

Emma Kunz

Emma Kunz

March 31, 2018 — A Libra Full Moon arrives on Saturday, at 8:36am EDT, bringing a welcome release. During a tense Mercury Retrograde, this Blue Moon is pushing us toward harmony, peace, and resolution, particularly in our relationships. Surrounded by difficult aspects, finding balance will not come easily. The planets are first requiring us to struggle, compromise, surrender, and express ourselves with supreme authenticity. Now, we may ask:

Where have we been gripping to beliefs that are causing dissonance and separation? Where have we been unapologetic, or unforgiving?

Libra is represented by the Scales—the balance of two sides. Spiritual teachings often point out that separation is illusion—that awakening comes when we unify opposing energies, particularly the masculine and feminine within us. Making space for paradox is Libra's wisdom. Men vs. Women, Me vs. You, Friend vs. Enemy… All of these convictions are ready to dissolve into the mist of oneness.

If we’ve been self-righteous, abusive, or angry—or if our healthy boundaries have become walls of divisiveness—we can simply stop now and return to center. We can interrupt our pain and stubbornness and find the stillness of truth, softening our rigidity. From there, we can ask the ultimate Libra question:

Where can we give in to the other side a little more? 

Dissolving blame and shame is essential. We can hold each other accountable, while also taking ownership of our feelings, misconceptions, and any harm we may have caused others. After all, responsible, strict Saturn is conjunct Mars, while square to the Sun and Mercury.

With Saturn's heavy presence, the other theme of today’s Full Moon is busyness. Perhaps we’re feeling weighed down, burdened, or overwhelmed by the work that’s piled in front of us—or from fighting for what's right. We might remember now to make space—to schedule an hour to stare at the wall or the sky, and check in with ourselves. A little gap can interrupt our angst in the face of pressing deadlines, overwhelming duties, or obligations. 

What would happen if we stopped to feel our lightness and joy in the midst of stress, even for a moment?

The more we’re able to face ourselves and surrender during this period, the more the Universe will grant us breakthroughs and peace. Relationship turmoil is now able to resolve as we step toward the other side, realizing we’re not as different as we once believed. Rage, punitive behavior, and arrogance create consequences that only add to our suffering. If we can harness Uranus’ detachment, observing ourselves with humor and distance, while acknowledging our mistakes, we can end our fighting—finally discovering the middle ground.

On this Libra Blue Moon, may we open to the potential for healing and peace. May we take the time to relish in the beauty, magic, and profundity of our solitary selves—freely, fully, and unconditionally.

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