Leo New Moon:
Breaking into Joy

by Juliana McCarthy

Meryl Smith

Meryl Smith

July 31, 2019 — The Leo New Moon arrives on Wednesday at 8:11pm Pacific Time, officially closing the eclipse portal. In the midst of a heavy period of karmic purification, we’re jolting into playfulness, romance, and authentic expression. We’re finally seeing the possibility of ‘what could be’ as we continue to release ‘what was.’ 

Leo is the sign of the playful, creative, heart-centered child. As the Sun and Moon square Uranus, planet of liberation, we’re bucking convention and the status quo, while owning our ture desires. We’re continuing to unstick from the doubt, repression, and supposed-to’s—anything that’s holding us back from our joy and the truth of who we are. We’re learning that other people’s perceptions don’t matter as much as our own, that we can trust ourselves—our intuition, humor, heart, and the full expression of who we are.

The New Moon is conjunct Venus, planet of love, and our relationships and values are moving into new alignment. We’re breaking free of old dynamics, friendships, partnerships, jobs, and thought patterns that are keeping us from future bliss. Manifestation energy is high, and as we release the past, it’s important to hold the possibility for pleasure in all we’re calling in.

Meanwhile, Mercury is stationing direct on the same day as this New Moon, and our creative energies are ready to burst forth. Whatever we’ve been working toward, with steadiness and possibly frustration, is ready to click into fruition. The wisdom of restlessness is finally leading us into the next phase. The planets are radiating golden beams of joy, change, and ecstasy, as we relish in all that we are and know we could be.

Anything is possible. Even as we face the calamity of the world and the Earth’s demise, we can remember that our only job is to keep our hearts open no matter what and help others do the same. The more we do this—through our art, acts of kindness, love, and perseverance—the more we’ll see enlightened society forming in the distance, taking shape through clouds of our deeply felt imaginations.

At the same time, our relationships are improving—beginning with the one with ourselves. We’re understanding the beauty of being vulnerable and different, of hearing stories of incredible people who society has silenced. We’re finding inspiration in places we didn’t know existed because our scopes were so limited. As we open our hearts, our worlds become more magical. The future is unwritten, and how it plays out is up to us—how we relate to our hearts and each other.

On this Leo New Moon, may we continue to release the past and playfully bound into the future. May we embrace the magic that unfurls when we break free from societal expectations, listening to our intuition while honoring our true desires.

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