Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo:
Rebellion of the Heart

by Juliana McCarthy

Anonymous Tantric Painting

Anonymous Tantric Painting

January 31, 2018 — A Leo Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse arrives on Wednesday, encouraging rebellion, self-sovereignty, and heart expansion. Falling along the Leo-Aquarius axis, truths are being revealed as we shift into a higher resonance of self-expression. With the Moon conjunct Ceres opposing Venus, the Wounded Mother has taken center stage, working to protect the collective feminine. At a rapid pace, we’re releasing outworn and harmful beliefs, relationships, jobs, and self-deception. We’re waking up, breaking free of limiting patterns, identities, values, and systems that have prevented us from moving to the next level of our evolution. Now is the time to shed all that isn’t ours so we can embody our unique selves—free-thinking, creative, open-hearted, and empowered.

Any themes that emerged last August during the Great American Eclipse are now returning to focus and reaching culmination. We're ready to face the truth inside our courageous, leonine hearts. What do we truly desire? What brings us joy? In what ways have we handed over our power?

As Venus opposes the Lunar Eclipse alongside the South Node, relationships are at the fore. Childhood dynamics with our parents and past loves are ready for objective contemplation. Rather than running away or hiding, we’re learning to stay with our discomfort, remaining in uncertainty as we work to adjust our emotional patterns. It’s time to own our mistakes, while standing strong and speaking out against abuse and emotional manipulation.

The beauty of Aquarius is that he takes things apart with cool detachment, and discovers their inner workings, while never losing site of his visions and ideals. He’s simply not capable of feeling jaded, as he naturally understands the full spectrum of human paradox. This is the enlightened potential of this Lunar Eclipse. Rather than feeling scorched by painful truths, we could step back and see how we can make things better—both within ourselves and the greater world. How can we realign our lives, relationships, and communities to match our purest hearts and visions?

Maybe we’re discovering that someone we love has engaged in harmful behaviors; maybe we’re coming to terms with mistakes we’ve made ourselves. Whatever it is, we can embrace the truth with unconditional love. We can set boundaries, and learn to say no with open hearts.

In the meantime, it’s time to play and connect with our inner children. Our hearts are beginning to fill with Leo’s bright light and joy. This might come as a relief after enduring the first few months of Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio, which has unearthed our shadows, traumas, and pain. Now we have much more room for light, with the Sun-ruled Lion ready to share his golden rays. First, we can engage in the epic release of the Total Lunar Eclipse. We’re bulldozing the old, and clearing the way for a whole new paradigm.

May we find the courage to face what’s true, while always retaining our primordial innocence. As the Earth’s shadow washes the Moon, may we remember the unbreakable magic of our true perception—and our unique, empowered selves.

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