jupiter opposite uranus:
breaking free

by Juliana McCarthy

Fritz Henle,  The Diver , Taxco, 1943

Fritz Henle, The Diver, Taxco, 1943

September 27, 2017 — Uranus and Jupiter form their third exact opposition today, marking the grand finale of a powerful long-term transit, which has brought rapid change, shock, breakthroughs, and revelations since late last year.

Jupiter, king of gods, brings expansion and exaggeration, while Uranus, the revolutionary, brings chaos and disruption. Every fourteen years, these two planets oppose each other, pushing us to break free from whatever is holding us back. This way, we can expand further into our authenticity and truth, progressing both individually and as a collective.

Previous oppositions brought significant cultural events. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the start of the war against Iraq in 2003 both occurred during Jupiter-Uranus oppositions. This transit has also instigated significant technological breakthroughs, including the successful launch of the U.S. spacecraft Galileo.

Falling along the Aries-Libra axis, the current opposition is specifically affecting our relationships. Circumstances have been arising, forcing us to face ourselves. Secrets have been exposed so we can work honestly with our limitations, as old blockages rear their heads with the purpose of breaking us free.

If you've been single, perhaps this year has finally brought a fulfilling relationship. If you've needed to end stagnant friendships or partnerships, this transit has been encouraging our unsticking. Whatever the case, we are now more prepared than ever to ask for what we want, to reveal ourselves, and to discover our true paths.

This has not been an easy time. It has required courage to honestly look in the mirror while holding space for others' mistakes. We've had to learn to find center even in the midst of rapidly changing currents.

As we learn to accept our fallibilities with grace and to release our judgments, we are becoming more of ourselves—standing strong in our individuality and embracing our unique gifts and viewpoints. Forming ever-inclusive circles, we are slowly expanding outward into interconnection.

In these times of unpredictability, may we discover our truth. May we forgive ourselves. May we be free.

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