jupiter moves into scorpio:
deep healing

by Juliana McCarthy

Louis Kahn, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Louis Kahn, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

October 10, 2017—Today, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, where he will remain for an entire year. While expansive Jupiter in stinging Scorpio may sound ominous, this change will come as a great relief. For the past year, Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration and good fortune, has been challenged by a contentious Uranus opposition. The result has been incredible upheaval. As Jupiter changes signs, he will leave Uranus behind—forming softer, more positive aspects to Neptune and Pluto.

From our depths, we will be able to heal old traumas, dissolve obstacles, realize dreams, and transcend. While Jupiter in Scorpio shines light on our dark corners—dredging up fear, anger, shame, and doubt—he also helps us harness the power of our awareness so we can liberate ourselves from suffering and limiting beliefs.

We only have to be careful not to go too far. Scorpio and Jupiter are both energies of extremes, and there is now danger of going too far in many capacities—manipulating situations, exaggerating our suffering, or generally playing too close to the edge.

A better use of this energy would be to invoke our inquisitiveness—one of this year’s themes as Jupiter lights up investigative Scorpio. We can open to all facets of life—even the scary ones—with curiosity and courage. We burst open lies and self-deception and discover the truth.

This transit reminds me of the story of Buddhist teacher Milarepa. One day, he returned to his cave and found many demons inside—aspects of his mind. After multiple failed attempts to remove them, Milarepa finally decided to accept the demons as they were and to live with them in peace. At that moment, all but one disappeared. He didn’t know what to do with the last one, so he surrendered further.  He approached this last demon, put his head in his mouth, and said, “Eat me.” At that moment, the final demon disappeared.

This is the nature of Jupiter in Scorpio—surrendering ourselves to our biggest fears in the face of Jupiter’s brilliance. What happens when bright light shines on our shadows? They cease to exist. We now have the opportunity to embrace ourselves fully, especially our demons, and to open our hearts to forgiveness and regeneration.

From there, we can increase our vulnerability and willingness to dive into intimacy. We can even begin to explore the power of our sexuality. After all, Scorpio rules sex. In fact, this could be a powerful year for breaking taboos and for experiencing deep healing around sexuality, abuse of power, addiction, and loss.

As the nights become longer, may we ignite our inner light. May we rediscover our innocence, vulnerability, and wisdom—especially in our darkest corners.

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