Jupiter Moves into Sagittarius:
Light Breaks Through

by Juliana McCarthy


On November 8, Jupiter enters Sagittarius—one of the most significant transits of the year. After a year of major shadow work, Jupiter is finally leaving Scorpio’s intensity. Since October 2017, we’ve been diving deep, confronting personal and collective demons. Now, our arrows are lifting, pointing toward the horizon. We’re adjusting our eyes to the bright light of optimism, expansion, and truth. 

Following our heaviest work, a peak of hope emerging. We’re ready to embrace the freedom and spontaneity of Sagittarius, which means opening to the present moment—understanding that our journey is the goal. As we stop fixating on the end result, we can relish the mere act of walking our paths, celebrating any discoveries we make along the way. We can uncover the wisdom of all situations, good or bad.

At the same time, our minds are expanding to see the bigger picture. We’re challenging ourselves to hold greater truths, even if that means painfully letting go of dogma, previous identities, religiosity, or rigid beliefs. We can travel to faraway places, return to school, or go on retreat—embracing new knowledge and wisdom. We can take risks and leaps, relishing in possibilities we may have shied away from before.

The danger of Sagittarius is always fanaticism. If we can embrace new knowledge, releasing our grips on what we think we know, we make best use of these energies. We might also allow our intuitive minds to take precedence over arrogance and limiting intellectualism. If we do so, our trajectories will unfurl rapidly in ways that previously seemed impossible.

Light streams out of the tunnel as we step into Jupiter’s limitlessness, joy, and good fortune—with whole hearts, open minds, and adventurous spirits.

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