June 2019 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy June!

We begin June with Gemini stirring up our thoughtsfeelings, and communications. We may feel anxious, swimming in an abundance of words and mental stimulation. This would be a good moment to meditate and ground, finding quiet balance beneath our angst.

With Mars in Cancer this month, it’s important to clarify our deepest emotional needs and desires, even saying them aloud. We're finding new ways to assert ourselves, as we embody vulnerability and work through some of our touchiness

Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto are continuing their tight orb with the South Node, calling us to purify old habits and karma. This month, we’re specifically transforming our communications and interactions with others.

This is truly a powerful month to reach higher levels of understanding, truth, and communication with everyone in our lives, beginning with ourselves....

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As June begins, we may feel anxious, with Gemini season overwhelming us with spinning thoughts and excessive communication. Luckily, the planets throughout the rest of the month are imploring us to drop into our hearts, connecting with the stillness and silence beneath this storm of words. We have the chance now to purify our communication with others and undo unhealthy patterns, confronting our anger and truth for the sake of transformation. Where do we feel unheard? Where can we listen more? By the end of the month, we’ll have unburdened ourselves from some anger, bitterness, and oppression, feeling empowered to move forward with confidence and vulnerability, as we express what we truly feel and align with our deepest desires. We’re becoming more mature in allowing our feelings to arise without repression, shame, or stifling fear. Our relationships may improve as we melt tension and divides, restoring balance between our masculine and feminine.

Surrounded by misty clouds and swirling winds, may we find peace, silence, and stillness beneath the flurry of thoughts and communication. May warm breezes sweep away our contention as we finally learn to speak with vulnerability, courage, and heart.

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