The Astrology of June 2019:
Dropping Our Heads into Our Hearts

by Juliana McCarthy

We begin June with Gemini, the Twins, stirring up a flurry of thoughts, feelings, and communications. We may feel anxious, swimming in an onslaught of words and mental stimulation. This would be a good time to meditate and ground, finding quiet balance beneath our airiness and angst.

With Mars in Cancer this month, it’s important to clarify our deeper emotional needs and desires, even saying them aloud. Saturn and Pluto are continuing their tight orb with the South Node, calling us to purify old habits and karma. Now, with June’s transits, we’re specifically transforming our communications and interactions with others. Where can we hold more space to listen, really hearing those who’ve been silenced or misunderstood? Where do we need to step into greater courage, expressing unspoken truths while setting firmer boundaries? This is a powerful month to reach higher levels of understanding, truth, and communication with everyone in our lives, beginning with ourselves.

Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon arrives on June 3, at 3am Pacific Time. Gemini rules conversation, the mind, and intellect, and this lunation is helping us establish new patterns in these domains. Today, we can make commitments to ourselves around how we speak with others and relate to our own minds. Which thoughts are we feeding, and how does that affect us? How can speak to each other more kindly, honestly, and effectively? We’re also questioning what’s true and what we believe in. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is opposing exaggeratory Jupiter, while both form harsh angles to foggy Neptune. It would serve us to tune into silence now, finding what resonates as truth beneath our words.

Venus Trine Pluto

Venus trines Pluto on the same day as the New Moon, eliciting our passions and creativity. What do we want to make? Who do we want to love? We’re ready to step into our relationships with greater courage, spiritual maturity, and depth. The power of the feminine within each of us has been in a process of restoration. Now, imbued with greater receptivity, our hearts opened wider, we can forge more meaningful friendships, relationships, and bonds—holding space for all that we are, and all that we feel. We can place our energy toward the people in our lives who reflect back unconditional love, offering it back to them in return.

Mars opposite Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node

Mid-month, June 14-18, Mars in Cancer opposes the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction, which continues until September. Mars is our anger, masculinity, direction, and passion. As he crosses the North Node, opposing this karmically purifying conjunction, we might feel irritable and fed up. We’re being triggered to make changes in our lives that better support our deeper emotional drives. What conditioning, authorities, or supposed-to’s are we ready to let go of? How can we shift direction so we’re better aligned with our heart’s true longings? Maybe we’ve been shackled to a job that suppresses our joy or creative drives, or to relationship patterns that are toxic or abusive. On a collective level, maybe we’ve been oppressed or marginalized by society, or we’ve contributed to others’ oppression. Now is the time to be brave and look at the places where we’ve contributed to harming ourselves or others. We’re owning our power while purifying long-standing karma, looking directly at all that we’ve been afraid to see.

Jupiter square Neptune

On June 16, Jupiter in Sagittarius forms the second of three exact squares with Neptune in Pisces. With both planets in their natural domiciles, this square is extra potent. Our logical minds are expanding beyond the limits of the mundane world. We’re connecting with the power of silence, dreams, imagination, and profundity, while dissolving our solid grips. What is real? What is true? What we once thought was dependable and stable may slip into the fog of uncertainty, inviting us to flow and rest in the present moment. We’re unburdening from mulling over the past or worrying about future. What happens when we open to the great mystery of right now, embracing the unknown with our full and open hearts?

Sagittarius Full Moon

The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on June 17. Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, adventure, travel, and nature, and this Full Moon brings emphasis to these areas of life. With the Sun and Moon forming squares to Neptune, we’re softening our philosophical outlooks and becoming more spiritually minded and compassionate. At the same time, Jupiter is conjoined with the Moon while the North Node meets up with Mars and Mercury in Cancer. We’re placing emphasis on our hearts and intuitive minds over our intellect. We’re learning to deepen our linear thinking, merging cold logic with kindness, emotion, passion, and spirituality.

Summer Solstice

Toward the end of the month, the Solstice arrives on June 20, representing the turning of the light—the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the shortest in the Southern. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is at its zenith while in the Southern, it’s turning back toward the light. Either way, this is a celebratory moment, marked by joy, light, and abundance. The Sun is ready to move into Cancer, so it’s time to think of our loved ones, considering who we keep close, while extending them our open hands and hearts. On the same day, Neptune turns retrograde, and we can feel our hearts expand into unconditional love and forgiveness. We’re melting our divides and bickering, along with the angst and over-intellectualization that’s marked Gemini season. We’re allowed a moment of flow, a respite from our stress and spikiness. The planets are now inviting us to carry this inner peace forward.

June Summary

As June begins, we may feel anxious, with Gemini season overwhelming us with spinning thoughts and excessive communication. Luckily, the planets throughout the rest of the month are imploring us to drop into our hearts, connecting with the stillness and silence beneath this storm of words. We have the chance now to purify our communication with others and undo unhealthy patterns, confronting our anger and truth for the sake of transformation. Where do we feel unheard? Where can we listen more? By the end of the month, we’ll have unburdened ourselves from some anger, bitterness, and oppression, feeling empowered to move forward with confidence and vulnerability, as we express what we truly feel and align with our deepest desires. We’re becoming more mature in allowing our feelings to arise without repression, shame, or stifling fear. Our relationships may improve as we melt tension and divides, restoring balance between our masculine and feminine.

Surrounded by misty clouds and swirling winds, may we find peace, silence, and stillness beneath the flurry of thoughts and communication. May warm breezes sweep away our contention as we finally learn to speak with vulnerability, courage, and heart.

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